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Last active Jun 10, 2016
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Play iOS system sound(Uno and Native JavaScript Modules) in button click event handler
var play = require("SoundPlayer").Play;
function buttonPlayClicked(){
module.exports = {
buttonPlayClicked: buttonPlayClicked
<App Theme="Basic">
<DockPanel Background="{backgroundColor}">
<SoundPlayer ux:Global="SoundPlayer" />
<JavaScript File="MainView.js"/>
<Button Clicked="{buttonPlayClicked}" Text="Play"/>
using Uno;
using Uno.Collections;
using Fuse;
using Fuse.Scripting;
using Fuse.Reactive;
using iOS.AudioToolbox;
using iOS.Foundation;
public class SoundPlayer : NativeModule
public SoundPlayer()
AddMember(new NativeFunction("Play", (NativeCallback)Play));
static object Play(Context c, object[] args)
return null;
"Packages": [
"Icon": "",
"Includes": [
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