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Last active Aug 9, 2020
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CE Tokens for TokenIDE
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
Kevin Gomez, Kilogram Studios
Adapted from TI-84+CSE.xml by:
Shaun McFall, Merthsoft Creations
With help from:
- Christopher Mitchell
Use of this file in other programs is permitted.
If you do make changes, let me know! I'm happy
to include changes if they're better!
<Tokens xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="" xmlns="">
<Group name="_default" comment="The standard TI-BASIC commands." site="" />
<Group name="Greek" comment="Greek letters." />
<Group name="Y-Vars" comment="Graphing equation variables." />
<Group name="Drawing Commands" comment="Graph screen drawing commands." site="" />
<Group name="Color Definitions" comment="Definitions of the colors used for color commands" />
<Group name="Graph Commands" comment="Commands that control how the graph is rendered." />
<Group name="Graph Styles" comment="Graph styles." />
<Group name="Graph Modes" comment="Graph modes." />
<Group name="Accented Letters" comment="Accented letters." />
<Style name="Default" foreground="Black" minTokenLength="2" tokenUnderlineColor="DarkGray" />
<Style name="Disabled" foreground="DarkGray" />
<Style name="String" foreground="DarkGreen" minTokenLength="2" tokenUnderlineColor="DarkGray" />
<Style name="Comment" foreground="Green" />
<Style name="Command" foreground="Blue" />
<Style name="Color" foreground="Teal" />
<Style name="Var" foreground="Red" />
<Token byte="$00" string=""/>
<Token byte="$01" string="►DMS" style="Command" comment="`number►DMS`\nFormats *number* as an angle with degree, minute, and second parts." site="">
<Alt string="&gt;DMS" />
<Token byte="$02" string="►Dec" style="Command" >
<Alt string="&gt;Dec" />
<Token byte="$03" string="►Frac" style="Command">
<Alt string="&gt;Frac" />
<Token byte="$04" string="" stringTerminator="true" style="Command">
<Alt string="-&gt;" />
<Token byte="$05" string="Boxplot" />
<Token byte="$06" string="[" />
<Token byte="$07" string="]" />
<Token byte="$08" string="{" />
<Token byte="$09" string="}" />
<Token byte="$0A" string="ʳ" stringTerminator="false">
<Alt string="^^r" />
<Token byte="$0B" string="°" stringTerminator="false">
<Alt string="^^o" />
<Token byte="$0C" string="ˉ¹" stringTerminator="false">
<Alt string="⁻¹" />
<Alt string="^^-1" />
<Token byte="$0D" string="²" stringTerminator="false">
<Alt string="^^2" />
<Token byte="$0E" string="" stringTerminator="false">
<Alt string="^^T" />
<Token byte="$0F" string="³" stringTerminator="false">
<Alt string="^^3" />
<Token byte="$10" string="(" />
<Token byte="$11" string=")" />
<Token byte="$12" string="round(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$13" string="pxl-Test(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$14" string="augment(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$15" string="rowSwap(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$16" string="row+(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$17" string="*row(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$18" string="*row+(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$19" string="max(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$1A" string="min(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$1B" string="R►Pr(" style="Command">
<Alt string="R&gt;Pr(" />
<Token byte="$1C" string="R►Pθ(" style="Command">
<Alt string="R►Ptheta(" />
<Alt string="R&gt;Pθ(" />
<Alt string="R&gt;Ptheta(" />
<Token byte="$1D" string="P►Rx(" style="Command">
<Alt string="P&gt;Rx(" />
<Token byte="$1E" string="P►Ry(" style="Command">
<Alt string="P&gt;Ry(" />
<Token byte="$1F" string="median(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$20" string="randM(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$21" string="mean(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$22" string="solve(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$23" string="seq(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$24" string="fnInt(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$25" string="nDeriv(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$27" string="fMin(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$28" string="fMax(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$29" string=" " />
<Token byte="$2A" string="&quot;" stringStarter="true" stringTerminator="true" style="String" />
<Token byte="$2B" string="," />
<Token byte="$2C" string="[i]" />
<Token byte="$2D" string="!" />
<Token byte="$2E" string="CubicReg " style="Command" />
<Token byte="$2F" string="QuartReg " style="Command" />
<Token byte="$30" string="0" />
<Token byte="$31" string="1" />
<Token byte="$32" string="2" />
<Token byte="$33" string="3" />
<Token byte="$34" string="4" />
<Token byte="$35" string="5" />
<Token byte="$36" string="6" />
<Token byte="$37" string="7" />
<Token byte="$38" string="8" />
<Token byte="$39" string="9" />
<Token byte="$3A" string="." />
<Token byte="$3B" string="" stringTerminator="false">
<Alt string="|E" />
<Token byte="$3C" string=" or " style="Command" />
<Token byte="$3D" string=" xor " style="Command" />
<Token byte="$3E" string=":" />
<Token byte="$3F" string="\n" stringTerminator="true" />
<Token byte="$40" string=" and " style="Command" />
<Token byte="$41" string="A" style="Var" />
<Token byte="$42" string="B" style="Var" />
<Token byte="$43" string="C" style="Var" />
<Token byte="$44" string="D" style="Var" />
<Token byte="$45" string="E" style="Var" />
<Token byte="$46" string="F" style="Var" />
<Token byte="$47" string="G" style="Var" />
<Token byte="$48" string="H" style="Var" />
<Token byte="$49" string="I" style="Var" />
<Token byte="$4A" string="J" style="Var" />
<Token byte="$4B" string="K" style="Var" />
<Token byte="$4C" string="L" style="Var" />
<Token byte="$4D" string="M" style="Var" />
<Token byte="$4E" string="N" style="Var" />
<Token byte="$4F" string="O" style="Var" />
<Token byte="$50" string="P" style="Var" />
<Token byte="$51" string="Q" style="Var" />
<Token byte="$52" string="R" style="Var" />
<Token byte="$53" string="S" style="Var" />
<Token byte="$54" string="T" style="Var" />
<Token byte="$55" string="U" style="Var" />
<Token byte="$56" string="V" style="Var" />
<Token byte="$57" string="W" style="Var" />
<Token byte="$58" string="X" style="Var" />
<Token byte="$59" string="Y" style="Var" />
<Token byte="$5A" string="Z" style="Var" />
<Token byte="$5B" string="θ" style="Var">
<Alt string="theta" />
<Token byte="$5C" stringTerminator="false">
<Token byte="$00" string="[A]" style="Var" />
<Token byte="$01" string="[B]" style="Var" />
<Token byte="$02" string="[C]" style="Var" />
<Token byte="$03" string="[D]" style="Var" />
<Token byte="$04" string="[E]" style="Var" />
<Token byte="$05" string="[F]" style="Var" />
<Token byte="$06" string="[G]" style="Var" />
<Token byte="$07" string="[H]" style="Var" />
<Token byte="$08" string="[I]" style="Var" />
<Token byte="$09" string="[J]" style="Var" />
<Token byte="$5D" stringTerminator="false">
<Token byte="$00" string="L₁" style="Var">
<Alt string="L1" />
<Token byte="$01" string="L₂" style="Var">
<Alt string="L2" />
<Token byte="$02" string="L₃" style="Var">
<Alt string="L3" />
<Token byte="$03" string="L₄" style="Var">
<Alt string="L4" />
<Token byte="$04" string="L₅" style="Var">
<Alt string="L5" />
<Token byte="$05" string="L₆" style="Var">
<Alt string="L6" />
<Token byte="$5E" stringTerminator="false">
<Token byte="$10" string="Y₁" style="Var" group="Y-Vars">
<Alt string="{Y1}" />
<Token byte="$11" string="Y₂" style="Var" group="Y-Vars">
<Alt string="{Y2}" />
<Token byte="$12" string="Y₃" style="Var" group="Y-Vars">
<Alt string="{Y3}" />
<Token byte="$13" string="Y₄" style="Var" group="Y-Vars">
<Alt string="{Y4}" />
<Token byte="$14" string="Y₅" style="Var" group="Y-Vars">
<Alt string="{Y5}" />
<Token byte="$15" string="Y₆" style="Var" group="Y-Vars">
<Alt string="{Y6}" />
<Token byte="$16" string="Y₇" style="Var" group="Y-Vars">
<Alt string="{Y7}" />
<Token byte="$17" string="Y₈" style="Var" group="Y-Vars">
<Alt string="{Y8}" />
<Token byte="$18" string="Y₉" style="Var" group="Y-Vars">
<Alt string="{Y9}" />
<Token byte="$19" string="Y₀" style="Var" group="Y-Vars">
<Alt string="{Y0}" />
<Token byte="$20" string="X₁ᴛ" style="Var" group="Y-Vars">
<Alt string="{X1T}" />
<Token byte="$21" string="Y₁ᴛ" style="Var" group="Y-Vars">
<Alt string="{Y1T}" />
<Token byte="$22" string="X₂ᴛ" style="Var" group="Y-Vars">
<Alt string="{X2T}" />
<Token byte="$23" string="Y₂ᴛ" style="Var" group="Y-Vars">
<Alt string="{Y2T}" />
<Token byte="$24" string="X₃ᴛ" style="Var" group="Y-Vars">
<Alt string="{X3T}" />
<Token byte="$25" string="Y₃ᴛ" style="Var" group="Y-Vars">
<Alt string="{Y3T}" />
<Token byte="$26" string="X₄ᴛ" style="Var" group="Y-Vars">
<Alt string="{X4T}" />
<Token byte="$27" string="Y₄ᴛ" style="Var" group="Y-Vars">
<Alt string="{Y4T}" />
<Token byte="$28" string="X₅ᴛ" style="Var" group="Y-Vars">
<Alt string="{X5T}" />
<Token byte="$29" string="Y₅ᴛ" style="Var" group="Y-Vars">
<Alt string="{Y5T}" />
<Token byte="$2A" string="X₆ᴛ" style="Var" group="Y-Vars">
<Alt string="{X6T}" />
<Token byte="$2B" string="Y₆ᴛ" style="Var" group="Y-Vars">
<Alt string="{Y6T}" />
<Token byte="$40" string="r₁" style="Var" group="Y-Vars">
<Alt string="{r1}" />
<Token byte="$41" string="r₂" style="Var" group="Y-Vars">
<Alt string="{r2}" />
<Token byte="$42" string="r₃" style="Var" group="Y-Vars">
<Alt string="{r3}" />
<Token byte="$43" string="r₄" group="Y-Vars">
<Alt string="{r4}" />
<Token byte="$44" string="r₅" style="Var" group="Y-Vars">
<Alt string="{r5}" />
<Token byte="$45" string="r₆" style="Var" group="Y-Vars">
<Alt string="{r6}" />
<Token byte="$80" string="|u" style="Var" />
<Token byte="$81" string="|v" style="Var" />
<Token byte="$82" string="|w" style="Var" />
<Token byte="$5F" string="prgm" />
<Token byte="$60" stringTerminator="false">
<Token byte="$00" string="Pic1" style="Var" />
<Token byte="$01" string="Pic2" style="Var" />
<Token byte="$02" string="Pic3" style="Var" />
<Token byte="$03" string="Pic4" style="Var" />
<Token byte="$04" string="Pic5" style="Var" />
<Token byte="$05" string="Pic6" style="Var" />
<Token byte="$06" string="Pic7" style="Var" />
<Token byte="$07" string="Pic8" style="Var" />
<Token byte="$08" string="Pic9" style="Var" />
<Token byte="$09" string="Pic0" style="Var" />
<Token byte="$61" stringTerminator="false">
<Token byte="$00" string="GDB1" style="Var" />
<Token byte="$01" string="GDB2" style="Var" />
<Token byte="$02" string="GDB3" style="Var" />
<Token byte="$03" string="GDB4" style="Var" />
<Token byte="$04" string="GDB5" style="Var" />
<Token byte="$05" string="GDB6" style="Var" />
<Token byte="$06" string="GDB7" style="Var" />
<Token byte="$07" string="GDB8" style="Var" />
<Token byte="$08" string="GDB9" style="Var" />
<Token byte="$09" string="GDB0" style="Var" />
<Token byte="$62" stringTerminator="false">
<Token byte="$01" string="[RegEQ]" />
<Token byte="$02" string="[n]" />
<Token byte="$03" string="" stringTerminator="false">
<Alt string="[xhat]" />
<Token byte="$04" string="Σx" stringTerminator="false">
<Alt string="[Sigmax]" />
<Token byte="$05" string="Σx²" stringTerminator="false">
<Alt string="Σx^2" />
<Alt string="sigmax²" />
<Alt string="[Sigmax^2]" />
<Token byte="$06" string="[Sx]" />
<Token byte="$07" string="σx" stringTerminator="false">
<Alt string="[sigmax]" />
<Token byte="$08" string="[minX]" />
<Token byte="$09" string="[maxX]" />
<Token byte="$0A" string="[minY]" />
<Token byte="$0B" string="[maxY]" />
<Token byte="$0C" string="ȳ" stringTerminator="false">
<Alt string="[yhat]" />
<Token byte="$0D" string="Σy" stringTerminator="false">
<Alt string="[Sigmay]" />
<Token byte="$0E" string="Σy²" stringTerminator="false">
<Alt string="Σy^2" />
<Alt string="sigmay²" />
<Alt string="[Sigmay^2]" />
<Token byte="$0F" string="[Sy]" />
<Token byte="$10" string="σy" stringTerminator="false">
<Alt string="[sigmay]" />
<Token byte="$11" string="Σxy" stringTerminator="false">
<Alt string="[Sigmaxy]" />
<Token byte="$12" string="[r]" />
<Token byte="$13" string="[Med]" />
<Token byte="$14" string="[Q1]" />
<Token byte="$15" string="[Q3]" />
<Token byte="$16" string="[|a]" />
<Token byte="$17" string="[|b]" />
<Token byte="$18" string="[|c]" />
<Token byte="$19" string="[|d]" />
<Token byte="$1A" string="[|e]" />
<Token byte="$1B" string="x₁" stringTerminator="false">
<Alt string="[x1]" />
<Token byte="$1C" string="x₂" stringTerminator="false">
<Alt string="[x2]" />
<Token byte="$1D" string="x₃" stringTerminator="false">
<Alt string="[x3]" />
<Token byte="$1E" string="y₁" stringTerminator="false">
<Alt string="[y1]" />
<Token byte="$1F" string="y₂" stringTerminator="false">
<Alt string="[y2]" />
<Token byte="$20" string="y₃" stringTerminator="false">
<Alt string="[y3]" />
<Token byte="$21" string="[recursiven]" />
<Token byte="$22" string="[p]" />
<Token byte="$23" string="[z]" />
<Token byte="$24" string="[t]" />
<Token byte="$25" string="χ²" stringTerminator="false">
<Alt string="χ^2" />
<Alt string="chi²" />
<Alt string="[chi^2]" />
<Token byte="$26" string="[|F]" />
<Token byte="$27" string="[df]" />
<Token byte="$28" string="[ṗ]" stringTerminator="false">
<Alt string="[phat]" />
<Token byte="$29" string="ṗ₁" stringTerminator="false">
<Alt string="ṗ1" />
<Alt string="phat₁" />
<Alt string="[phat1]" />
<Token byte="$2A" string="ṗ₂" stringTerminator="false">
<Alt string="ṗ2" />
<Alt string="phat₂" />
<Alt string="[phat2]" />
<Token byte="$2B" string="ẋ₁" stringTerminator="false">
<Alt string="ẋ1" />
<Alt string="xhat₁" />
<Alt string="[xhat1]" />
<Token byte="$2C" string="Sx₁" stringTerminator="false">
<Alt string="[Sx1]" />
<Token byte="$2D" string="n₁" stringTerminator="false">
<Alt string="[n1]" />
<Token byte="$2E" string="ẋ₂" stringTerminator="false">
<Alt string="ẋ2" />
<Alt string="xhat₂" />
<Alt string="[xhat2]" />
<Token byte="$2F" string="Sx₂" stringTerminator="false">
<Alt string="[Sx2]" />
<Token byte="$30" string="n₂" stringTerminator="false">
<Alt string="[n2]" />
<Token byte="$31" string="[Sxp]" />
<Token byte="$32" string="[lower]" />
<Token byte="$33" string="[upper]" />
<Token byte="$34" string="[s]" />
<Token byte="$35" string="" stringTerminator="false">
<Alt string="[r^2]" />
<Token byte="$36" string="" stringTerminator="false">
<Alt string="[R^2]" />
<Token byte="$37" string="[factordf]" />
<Token byte="$38" string="[factorSS]" />
<Token byte="$39" string="[factorMS]" />
<Token byte="$3A" string="[errordf]" />
<Token byte="$3B" string="[errorSS]" />
<Token byte="$3C" string="[errorMS]" />
<Token byte="$63" stringTerminator="false">
<Token byte="$00" string="ZXscl" style="Var" />
<Token byte="$01" string="ZYscl" style="Var" />
<Token byte="$02" string="Xscl" style="Var" />
<Token byte="$03" string="Yscl" style="Var" />
<Token byte="$04" string="u(nMin)" />
<Token byte="$05" string="v(nMin)" />
<Token byte="$06" string="Un-₁" stringTerminator="false">
<Alt string="Un-1" />
<Token byte="$07" string="Vn-₁" stringTerminator="false">
<Alt string="Vn-1" />
<Token byte="$08" string="Zu(nmin)" />
<Token byte="$09" string="Zv(nmin)" />
<Token byte="$0A" string="Xmin" style="Var" />
<Token byte="$0B" string="Xmax" style="Var" />
<Token byte="$0C" string="Ymin" style="Var" />
<Token byte="$0D" string="Ymax" style="Var" />
<Token byte="$0E" string="Tmin" style="Var" />
<Token byte="$0F" string="Tmax" style="Var" />
<Token byte="$10" string="θMin" style="Var">
<Alt string="thetaMin" />
<Token byte="$11" string="θMax" style="Var">
<Alt string="thetaMax" />
<Token byte="$12" string="ZXmin" style="Var" />
<Token byte="$13" string="ZXmax" style="Var" />
<Token byte="$14" string="ZYmin" style="Var" />
<Token byte="$15" string="ZYmax" style="Var" />
<Token byte="$16" string="Zθmin" style="Var">
<Alt string="Zthetamin" />
<Token byte="$17" string="Zθmax" style="Var">
<Alt string="Zthetamax" />
<Token byte="$18" string="ZTmin" style="Var" />
<Token byte="$19" string="ZTmax" style="Var" />
<Token byte="$1A" string="TblStart" />
<Token byte="$1B" string="PlotStart" />
<Token byte="$1C" string="ZPlotStart" />
<Token byte="$1D" string="nMax" />
<Token byte="$1E" string="ZnMax" />
<Token byte="$1F" string="nMin" />
<Token byte="$20" string="ZnMin" />
<Token byte="$21" string="∆Tbl" stringTerminator="false">
<Alt string="DeltaTbl" />
<Token byte="$22" string="Tstep" />
<Token byte="$23" string="θstep" stringTerminator="false">
<Alt string="thetastep" />
<Token byte="$24" string="ZTstep" />
<Token byte="$25" string="Zθstep" stringTerminator="false">
<Alt string="Zthetastep" />
<Token byte="$26" string="∆X" stringTerminator="false">
<Alt string="DeltaX" />
<Token byte="$27" string="∆Y" stringTerminator="false">
<Alt string="DeltaY" />
<Token byte="$28" string="XFact" />
<Token byte="$29" string="YFact" />
<Token byte="$2A" string="TblInput" />
<Token byte="$2B" string="|N" />
<Token byte="$2C" string="I%" />
<Token byte="$2D" string="PV" />
<Token byte="$2E" string="PMT" />
<Token byte="$2F" string="FV" />
<Token byte="$30" string="|P/Y" />
<Token byte="$31" string="|C/Y" />
<Token byte="$32" string="w(nMin)" />
<Token byte="$33" string="Zw(nMin)" />
<Token byte="$34" string="PlotStep" />
<Token byte="$35" string="ZPlotStep" />
<Token byte="$36" string="Xres" />
<Token byte="$37" string="ZXres" />
<Token byte="$64" string="Radian" />
<Token byte="$65" string="Degree" />
<Token byte="$66" string="Normal" />
<Token byte="$67" string="Sci" />
<Token byte="$68" string="Eng" />
<Token byte="$69" string="Float" />
<Token byte="$6A" string="=" />
<Token byte="$6B" string="&lt;" />
<Token byte="$6C" string="&gt;" />
<Token byte="$6D" string="" stringTerminator="false">
<Alt string="&lt;=" />
<Token byte="$6E" string="" stringTerminator="false">
<Alt string="&gt;=" />
<Token byte="$6F" string="" stringTerminator="false">
<Alt string="!=" />
<Token byte="$70" string="+" />
<Token byte="$71" string="-" />
<Token byte="$72" string="Ans" style="Var" />
<Token byte="$73" string="Fix " style="Command" />
<Token byte="$74" string="Horiz" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$75" string="Full" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$76" string="Func" group="Graph Modes" />
<Token byte="$77" string="Param" group="Graph Modes" />
<Token byte="$78" string="Polar" group="Graph Modes" />
<Token byte="$79" string="Seq" group="Graph Modes" />
<Token byte="$7A" string="IndpntAuto" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$7B" string="IndpntAsk" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$7C" string="DependAuto" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$7D" string="DependAsk" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$7E" stringTerminator="false">
<Token byte="$00" string="Sequential" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$01" string="Simul" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$02" string="PolarGC" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$03" string="RectGC" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$04" string="CoordOn" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$05" string="CoordOff" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$06" string="Thick" group="Graph Styles" />
<Token byte="$07" string="Dot-Thick" group="Graph Styles" />
<Token byte="$08" string="AxesOn" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$09" string="AxesOff" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$0A" string="GridDot " style="Command" />
<Token byte="$0B" string="GridOff" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$0C" string="LabelOn" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$0D" string="LabelOff" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$0E" string="Web" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$0F" string="Time" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$10" string="uvAxes" />
<Token byte="$11" string="vwAxes" />
<Token byte="$12" string="uwAxes" />
<Token byte="$7F" string="plotsquare" stringTerminator="false">
<Alt string="squareplot" />
<Alt string="" />
<Token byte="$80" string="" stringTerminator="false">
<Alt string="crossplot" />
<Alt string="plotcross" />
<Token byte="$81" string="·" stringTerminator="false">
<Alt string="dotplot" />
<Alt string="plotdot" />
<Token byte="$82" string="*" />
<Token byte="$83" string="/" />
<Token byte="$84" string="Trace" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$85" string="ClrDraw" style="Command" group="Drawing Commands" />
<Token byte="$86" string="ZStandard" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$87" string="ZTrig" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$88" string="ZBox" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$89" string="Zoom In" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$8A" string="Zoom Out" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$8B" string="ZSquare" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$8C" string="ZInteger" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$8D" string="ZPrevious" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$8E" string="ZDecimal" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$8F" string="ZoomStat" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$90" string="ZoomRcl" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$91" string="PrintScreen" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$92" string="ZoomSto" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$93" string="Text(" style="Command" group="Drawing Commands" />
<Token byte="$94" string=" nPr " style="Command" />
<Token byte="$95" string=" nCr " style="Command" />
<Token byte="$96" string="FnOn " style="Command" />
<Token byte="$97" string="FnOff " style="Command" />
<Token byte="$98" string="StorePic " style="Command" group="Drawing Commands" />
<Token byte="$99" string="RecallPic " style="Command" group="Drawing Commands" />
<Token byte="$9A" string="StoreGDB " style="Command" group="Drawing Commands" />
<Token byte="$9B" string="RecallGDB " style="Command" group="Drawing Commands" />
<Token byte="$9C" string="Line(" style="Command" group="Drawing Commands" />
<Token byte="$9D" string="Vertical " style="Command" group="Drawing Commands" />
<Token byte="$9E" string="Pt-On(" style="Command" group="Drawing Commands" />
<Token byte="$9F" string="Pt-Off(" style="Command" group="Drawing Commands" />
<Token byte="$A0" string="Pt-Change(" style="Command" group="Drawing Commands" />
<Token byte="$A1" string="Pxl-On(" style="Command" group="Drawing Commands" />
<Token byte="$A2" string="Pxl-Off(" style="Command" group="Drawing Commands" />
<Token byte="$A3" string="Pxl-Change(" style="Command" group="Drawing Commands" />
<Token byte="$A4" string="Shade(" style="Command" group="Drawing Commands" />
<Token byte="$A5" string="Circle(" style="Command" group="Drawing Commands" />
<Token byte="$A6" string="Horizontal " style="Command" group="Drawing Commands" />
<Token byte="$A7" string="Tangent(" style="Command" group="Drawing Commands" />
<Token byte="$A8" string="DrawInv " style="Command" group="Drawing Commands" />
<Token byte="$A9" string="DrawF " style="Command" group="Drawing Commands" />
<Token byte="$AA" stringTerminator="false">
<Token byte="$00" string="Str1" style="Var" />
<Token byte="$01" string="Str2" style="Var" />
<Token byte="$02" string="Str3" style="Var" />
<Token byte="$03" string="Str4" style="Var" />
<Token byte="$04" string="Str5" style="Var" />
<Token byte="$05" string="Str6" style="Var" />
<Token byte="$06" string="Str7" style="Var" />
<Token byte="$07" string="Str8" style="Var" />
<Token byte="$08" string="Str9" style="Var" />
<Token byte="$09" string="Str0" style="Var" />
<Token byte="$AB" string="rand" />
<Token byte="$AC" string="π" stringTerminator="false">
<Alt string="pi" />
<Token byte="$AD" string="getKey" style="Var" />
<Token byte="$AE" string="'" />
<Token byte="$AF" string="?" />
<Token byte="$B0" string="" stringTerminator="false">
<Alt string="|-" />
<Alt string="~" />
<Token byte="$B1" string="int(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$B2" string="abs(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$B3" string="det(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$B4" string="identity(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$B5" string="dim(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$B6" string="sum(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$B7" string="prod(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$B8" string="not(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$B9" string="iPart(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$BA" string="fPart(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$BB" stringTerminator="false">
<Token byte="$00" string="npv(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$01" string="irr(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$02" string="bal(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$03" string="ΣPrn(" style="Command">
<Alt string="SigmaPrn(" />
<Token byte="$04" string="ΣInt(" style="Command">
<Alt string="SigmaInt(" />
<Token byte="$05" string="►Nom(" style="Command">
<Alt string="&gt;Nom(" />
<Token byte="$06" string="►Eff(" style="Command">
<Alt string="&gt;Eff(" />
<Token byte="$07" string="dbd(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$08" string="lcm(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$09" string="gcd(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$0A" string="randInt(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$0B" string="randBin(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$0C" string="sub(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$0D" string="stdDev(" />
<Token byte="$0E" string="variance(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$0F" string="inString(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$10" string="normalcdf(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$11" string="invNorm(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$12" string="tcdf(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$13" string="χ²cdf(" style="Command">
<Alt string="χ^2cdf(" />
<Alt string="chi²cdf(" />
<Alt string="chi^2cdf(" />
<Token byte="$14" string="Fcdf(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$15" string="binompdf(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$16" string="binomcdf(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$17" string="poissonpdf(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$18" string="poissoncdf(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$19" string="geometpdf(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$1A" string="geometcdf(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$1B" string="normalpdf(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$1C" string="tpdf(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$1D" string="χ²pdf(" style="Command">
<Alt string="χ^2pdf(" />
<Alt string="chi²pdf(" />
<Alt string="chi^2pdf(" />
<Token byte="$1E" string="Fpdf(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$1F" string="randNorm(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$20" string="tvm_Pmt" />
<Token byte="$21" string="tvm_I%" />
<Token byte="$22" string="tvm_PV" />
<Token byte="$23" string="tvm_N" />
<Token byte="$24" string="tvm_FV" />
<Token byte="$25" string="conj(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$26" string="real(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$27" string="imag(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$28" string="angle(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$29" string="cumSum(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$2A" string="expr(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$2B" string="length(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$2C" string="DeltaList(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$2D" string="ref(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$2E" string="rref(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$2F" string="►Rect" stringTerminator="false">
<Alt string="&gt;Rect" />
<Token byte="$30" string="►Polar" stringTerminator="false">
<Alt string="&gt;Polar" />
<Token byte="$31" string="[e]" />
<Token byte="$32" string="SinReg " style="Command" />
<Token byte="$33" string="Logistic " style="Command" />
<Token byte="$34" string="LinRegTTest " style="Command" />
<Token byte="$35" string="ShadeNorm(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$36" string="Shade_t(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$37" string="Shadeχ²(" style="Command">
<Alt string="Shadeχ^2(" />
<Alt string="Shadechi²(" />
<Alt string="Shadechi^2(" />
<Token byte="$38" string="ShadeF(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$39" string="Matr►list(" style="Command">
<Alt string="Matr&gt;list(" />
<Token byte="$3A" string="List►matr(" style="Command">
<Alt string="List&gt;matr(" />
<Token byte="$3B" string="Z-Test(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$3C" string="T-Test " style="Command" />
<Token byte="$3D" string="2-SampZTest(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$3E" string="1-PropZTest(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$3F" string="2-PropZTest(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$40" string="χ²-Test(" style="Command">
<Alt string="χ^2-Test(" />
<Alt string="chi²-Test(" />
<Alt string="chi^2-Test(" />
<Token byte="$41" string="ZInterval" />
<Token byte="$42" string="2-SampZInt(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$43" string="1-PropZInt(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$44" string="2-PropZInt(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$45" string="GraphStyle(" style="Command" group="Graph Commands" />
<Token byte="$46" string="2-SampTTest " style="Command" />
<Token byte="$47" string="2-SampFTest " style="Command" />
<Token byte="$48" string="TInterval " style="Command" />
<Token byte="$49" string="2-SampTInt " style="Command" />
<Token byte="$4A" string="SetUpEditor " style="Command" />
<Token byte="$4B" string="Pmt_End" />
<Token byte="$4C" string="Pmt_Bgn" />
<Token byte="$4D" string="Real" />
<Token byte="$4E" string="re^θi" stringTerminator="false">
<Alt string="re^thetai" />
<Token byte="$4F" string="a+bi" />
<Token byte="$50" string="ExprOn" />
<Token byte="$51" string="ExprOff" />
<Token byte="$52" string="ClrAllLists" />
<Token byte="$53" string="GetCalc(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$54" string="DelVar " style="Command" />
<Token byte="$55" string="Equ►String(" style="Command">
<Alt string="Equ&gt;String(" />
<Token byte="$56" string="String►Equ(" style="Command">
<Alt string="String&gt;Equ(" />
<Token byte="$57" string="Clear Entries" />
<Token byte="$58" string="Select(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$59" string="ANOVA(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$5A" string="ModBoxPlot" />
<Token byte="$5B" string="NormProbPlot" />
<Token byte="$64" string="G-T" />
<Token byte="$65" string="ZoomFit" />
<Token byte="$66" string="DiagnosticOn" />
<Token byte="$67" string="DiagnosticOff" />
<Token byte="$68" string="Archive " style="Command" />
<Token byte="$69" string="UnArchive " style="Command" />
<Token byte="$6A" string="Asm(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$6B" string="AsmComp(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$6C" string="AsmPrgm" />
<Token byte="$6E" string="Á" group="Accented Letters" />
<Token byte="$6F" string="À" group="Accented Letters" />
<Token byte="$70" string="Â" group="Accented Letters" />
<Token byte="$71" string="Ä" group="Accented Letters" />
<Token byte="$72" string="á" group="Accented Letters" />
<Token byte="$73" string="à" group="Accented Letters" />
<Token byte="$74" string="â" group="Accented Letters" />
<Token byte="$75" string="ä" group="Accented Letters" />
<Token byte="$76" string="É" group="Accented Letters" />
<Token byte="$77" string="È" group="Accented Letters" />
<Token byte="$78" string="Ê" group="Accented Letters" />
<Token byte="$79" string="Ë" group="Accented Letters" />
<Token byte="$7A" string="é" group="Accented Letters" />
<Token byte="$7B" string="è" group="Accented Letters" />
<Token byte="$7C" string="ê" group="Accented Letters" />
<Token byte="$7D" string="ë" group="Accented Letters" />
<Token byte="$7F" string="Ì" group="Accented Letters" />
<Token byte="$80" string="Î" group="Accented Letters" />
<Token byte="$81" string="Ï" group="Accented Letters" />
<Token byte="$82" string="í" group="Accented Letters" />
<Token byte="$83" string="ì" group="Accented Letters" />
<Token byte="$84" string="î" group="Accented Letters" />
<Token byte="$85" string="ï" group="Accented Letters" />
<Token byte="$86" string="Ó" group="Accented Letters" />
<Token byte="$87" string="Ò" group="Accented Letters" />
<Token byte="$88" string="Ô" group="Accented Letters" />
<Token byte="$89" string="Ö" group="Accented Letters" />
<Token byte="$8A" string="ó" group="Accented Letters" />
<Token byte="$8B" string="ò" group="Accented Letters" />
<Token byte="$8C" string="ô" group="Accented Letters" />
<Token byte="$8D" string="ö" group="Accented Letters" />
<Token byte="$8E" string="Ú" group="Accented Letters" />
<Token byte="$8F" string="Ù" group="Accented Letters" />
<Token byte="$90" string="Û" group="Accented Letters" />
<Token byte="$91" string="Ü" group="Accented Letters" />
<Token byte="$92" string="ú" group="Accented Letters" />
<Token byte="$93" string="ù" group="Accented Letters" />
<Token byte="$94" string="û" group="Accented Letters" />
<Token byte="$95" string="ü" group="Accented Letters" />
<Token byte="$96" string="Ç" group="Accented Letters" />
<Token byte="$97" string="ç" group="Accented Letters" />
<Token byte="$98" string="Ñ" group="Accented Letters" />
<Token byte="$99" string="ñ" group="Accented Letters" />
<Token byte="$9A" string="´" stringTerminator="false">
<Alt string="|'" />
<Alt string="^^'" />
<Token byte="$9B" string="|`" stringTerminator="false">
<Alt string="^^`" />
<Token byte="$9C" string="¨" stringTerminator="false">
<Alt string="|:" />
<Alt string="^^:" />
<Token byte="$9D" string="¿" stringTerminator="false">
<Alt string="|?" />
<Token byte="$9E" string="¡" stringTerminator="false">
<Alt string="|!" />
<Token byte="$9F" string="α" group="Greek">
<Alt string="alpha" />
<Token byte="$A0" string="β" group="Greek">
<Alt string="beta" />
<Token byte="$A1" string="γ" group="Greek">
<Alt string="gamma" />
<Token byte="$A2" string="Δ" group="Greek">
<Alt string="Delta" />
<Token byte="$A3" string="δ" group="Greek">
<Alt string="delta" />
<Token byte="$A4" string="ε" group="Greek">
<Alt string="epsilon" />
<Token byte="$A5" string="λ" group="Greek">
<Alt string="lambda" />
<Token byte="$A6" string="μ" group="Greek">
<Alt string="mu" />
<Token byte="$A7" string="" group="Greek">
<Alt string="greek_pi" />
<Token byte="$A8" string="ρ" group="Greek">
<Alt string="rho" />
<Token byte="$A9" string="Σ" group="Greek">
<Alt string="Sigma" />
<Token byte="$AB" string="Φ" group="Greek">
<Alt string="Phi" />
<Token byte="$AC" string="Ω" group="Greek">
<Alt string="Omega" />
<Token byte="$AD" string="" group="Greek">
<Alt string="phat" />
<Token byte="$AE" string="χ" group="Greek">
<Alt string="chi" />
<Token byte="$AF" string="|F" />
<Token byte="$B0" string="a" />
<Token byte="$B1" string="b" />
<Token byte="$B2" string="c" />
<Token byte="$B3" string="d" />
<Token byte="$B4" string="e" />
<Token byte="$B5" string="f" />
<Token byte="$B6" string="g" />
<Token byte="$B7" string="h" />
<Token byte="$B8" string="i" />
<Token byte="$B9" string="j" />
<Token byte="$BA" string="k" />
<Token byte="$BC" string="l" />
<Token byte="$BD" string="m" />
<Token byte="$BE" string="n" />
<Token byte="$BF" string="o" />
<Token byte="$C0" string="p" />
<Token byte="$C1" string="q" />
<Token byte="$C2" string="r" />
<Token byte="$C3" string="s" />
<Token byte="$C4" string="t" />
<Token byte="$C5" string="u" />
<Token byte="$C6" string="v" />
<Token byte="$C7" string="w" />
<Token byte="$C8" string="x" />
<Token byte="$C9" string="y" />
<Token byte="$CA" string="z" />
<Token byte="$CB" string="σ" group="Greek">
<Alt string="sigma" />
<Token byte="$CC" string="τ" group="Greek">
<Alt string="tau" />
<Token byte="$CD" string="Í" group="Accented Letters" />
<Token byte="$CE" string="GarbageCollect" />
<Token byte="$CF" string="|~" />
<Token byte="$D1" string="@" />
<Token byte="$D2" string="#" />
<Token byte="$D3" string="$" />
<Token byte="$D4" string="&amp;" />
<Token byte="$D5" string="`" />
<Token byte="$D6" string=";" />
<Token byte="$D7" string="\" />
<Token byte="$D8" string="|" />
<Token byte="$D9" string="_" />
<Token byte="$DA" string="%" />
<Token byte="$DB" string="" stringTerminator="false">
<Alt string="..." />
<Token byte="$DC" string="" stringTerminator="false">
<Alt string="|&lt;" />
<Token byte="$DD" string="ß" stringTerminator="false">
<Alt string="sharps" />
<Token byte="$DE" string="ˣ" stringTerminator="false">
<Alt string="^^x" />
<Token byte="$DF" string="" stringTerminator="false">
<Alt string="smallT" />
<Token byte="$E0" string="" stringTerminator="false">
<Alt string="small0" />
<Token byte="$E1" string="" stringTerminator="false">
<Alt string="small1" />
<Token byte="$E2" string="" stringTerminator="false">
<Alt string="small2" />
<Token byte="$E3" string="" stringTerminator="false">
<Alt string="small3" />
<Token byte="$E4" string="" stringTerminator="false">
<Alt string="small4" />
<Token byte="$E5" string="" stringTerminator="false">
<Alt string="small5" />
<Token byte="$E6" string="" stringTerminator="false">
<Alt string="small6" />
<Token byte="$E7" string="" stringTerminator="false">
<Alt string="small7" />
<Token byte="$E8" string="" stringTerminator="false">
<Alt string="small8" />
<Token byte="$E9" string="" stringTerminator="false">
<Alt string="small9" />
<Token byte="$EA" string="₁₀" stringTerminator="false">
<Alt string="small10" />
<Token byte="$EB" string="" stringTerminator="false">
<Alt string="&lt;|" />
<Token byte="$EC" string="" stringTerminator="false">
<Alt string="|&gt;" />
<Token byte="$ED" string="" stringTerminator="false">
<Alt string="uparrow" />
<Token byte="$EE" string="" stringTerminator="false">
<Alt string="downarrow" />
<Token byte="$F0" string="×" stringTerminator="false">
<Alt string="xmark" />
<Token byte="$F1" string="" stringTerminator="false">
<Alt string="integral" />
<Token byte="$F2" string="bolduparrow" />
<Token byte="$F3" string="bolddownarrow" />
<Token byte="$F4" string="" stringTerminator="false">
<Alt string="squareroot" />
<Token byte="$F5" string="invertedequal" />
<Token byte="$BC" string="√(" style="Command">
<Alt string="sqrt(" />
<Token byte="$BD" string="³√(" style="Command">
<Alt string="cuberoot(" />
<Token byte="$BE" string="ln(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$BF" string="e^(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$C0" string="log(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$C1" string="₁₀^(" style="Command">
<Alt string="10^(" />
<Token byte="$C2" string="sin(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$C3" string="sin⁻¹(" style="Command">
<Alt string="sin^-1(" />
<Token byte="$C4" string="cos(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$C5" string="cos⁻¹(" style="Command">
<Alt string="cos^-1(" />
<Token byte="$C6" string="tan(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$C7" string="tan⁻¹(" style="Command">
<Alt string="tan^-1(" />
<Token byte="$C8" string="sinh(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$C9" string="sinh⁻¹(" style="Command">
<Alt string="sinh^-1(" />
<Token byte="$CA" string="cosh(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$CB" string="soch⁻¹(" style="Command">
<Alt string="cosh^-1(" />
<Token byte="$CC" string="tanh(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$CD" string="tanh⁻¹(" style="Command">
<Alt string="tanh^-1(" />
<Token byte="$CE" string="If " style="Command" />
<Token byte="$CF" string="Then" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$D0" string="Else" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$D1" string="While " style="Command" />
<Token byte="$D2" string="Repeat " style="Command" />
<Token byte="$D3" string="For(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$D4" string="End" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$D5" string="Return" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$D6" string="Lbl " style="Command" />
<Token byte="$D7" string="Goto " style="Command" />
<Token byte="$D8" string="Pause " style="Command" />
<Token byte="$D9" string="Stop" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$DA" string="IS&gt;(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$DB" string="DS&lt;(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$DC" string="Input " style="Command" />
<Token byte="$DD" string="Prompt " style="Command" />
<Token byte="$DE" string="Disp " style="Command" />
<Token byte="$DF" string="DispGraph" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$E0" string="Output(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$E1" string="ClrHome" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$E2" string="Fill(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$E3" string="SortA(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$E4" string="SortD(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$E5" string="DispTable" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$E6" string="Menu(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$E7" string="Send(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$E8" string="Get(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$E9" string="PlotsOn " style="Command" />
<Token byte="$EA" string="PlotsOff " style="Command" />
<Token byte="$EB" string="ʟ" style="Var">
<Alt string="smallL" />
<Alt string="|L" />
<Token byte="$EC" string="Plot1(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$ED" string="Plot2(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$EE" string="Plot3(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$EF" stringTerminator="false">
<Token byte="$00" string="setDate(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$01" string="setTime(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$02" string="checkTmr(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$03" string="setDtFmt(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$04" string="setTmFmt(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$05" string="timeCnv(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$06" string="dayOfWk(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$07" string="getDtStr" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$08" string="getTmStr(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$09" string="getDate" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$0A" string="getTime" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$0B" string="startTmr" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$0C" string="getDtFmt" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$0D" string="getTmFmt" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$0E" string="isClockOn" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$0F" string="ClockOff" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$10" string="ClockOn" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$11" string="OpenLib(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$12" string="ExecLib" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$13" string="invT(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$14" string="χ²GOF-Test(" style="Command">
<Alt string="χ^2GOF-Test(" />
<Alt string="chi²GOF-Test(" />
<Alt string="chi^2GOF-Test(" />
<Token byte="$15" string="LinRegTInt " style="Command" />
<Token byte="$16" string="Manual-Fit " style="Command" />
<Token byte="$17" string="ZQuadrant1" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$18" string="ZFrac1/2" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$19" string="ZFrac1/3" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$1A" string="ZFrac1/4" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$1B" string="ZFrac1/5" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$1C" string="ZFrac1/8" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$1D" string="ZFrac1/10" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$1E" string="mathprintbox" />
<Token byte="$2E" string="" stringTerminator="false">
<Alt string="n/d" />
<Token byte="$2F" string="" stringTerminator="false">
<Alt string="Un/d" />
<Token byte="$30" string="►n⁄d◄►Un⁄d" stringTerminator="false">
<Alt string="►n/d◄►Un/d" />
<Alt string="&gt;n⁄d&lt;&gt;Un⁄d" />
<Alt string="&gt;n/d&lt;&gt;Un/d" />
<Token byte="$31" string="►F◄►D" stringTerminator="false">
<Alt string="&gt;F&lt;&gt;D" />
<Token byte="$32" string="remainder(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$33" string="Σ(" style="Command">
<Alt string="Sigma(" />
<Token byte="$34" string="logBASE(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$35" string="randIntNoRep(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$37" string="[MATHPRINT]" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$38" string="[CLASSIC]" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$39" string="n⁄d" stringTerminator="false">
<Alt string="[n/d]" />
<Token byte="$3A" string="Un⁄d" stringTerminator="false">
<Alt string="[Un/d]" />
<Token byte="$3B" string="[AUTO]" />
<Token byte="$3C" string="[DEC]" />
<Token byte="$3D" string="[FRAC]" />
<Token byte="$41" string="BLUE" style="Color" group="Color Definitions">
<Alt string="Blue" />
<Token byte="$42" string="RED" style="Color" group="Color Definitions">
<Alt string="Red" />
<Token byte="$43" string="BLACK" style="Color" group="Color Definitions">
<Alt string="Black" />
<Token byte="$44" string="MAGENTA" style="Color" group="Color Definitions">
<Alt string="Magenta" />
<Token byte="$45" string="GREEN" style="Color" group="Color Definitions">
<Alt string="Green" />
<Token byte="$46" string="ORANGE" style="Color" group="Color Definitions">
<Alt string="Orange" />
<Token byte="$47" string="BROWN" style="Color" group="Color Definitions">
<Alt string="Brown" />
<Token byte="$48" string="NAVY" style="Color" group="Color Definitions">
<Alt string="Navy" />
<Token byte="$49" string="LTBLUE" style="Color" group="Color Definitions">
<Alt string="LtBlue" />
<Token byte="$4A" string="YELLOW" style="Color" group="Color Definitions">
<Alt string="Yellow" />
<Token byte="$4B" string="WHITE" style="Color" group="Color Definitions">
<Alt string="White" />
<Token byte="$4C" string="LTGREY" style="Color" group="Color Definitions">
<Alt string="LtGrey" />
<Alt string="LTGRAY" />
<Alt string="LtGray" />
<Token byte="$4D" string="MEDGREY" style="Color" group="Color Definitions">
<Alt string="MedGrey" />
<Alt string="MEDGRAY" />
<Alt string="MedGray" />
<Token byte="$4E" string="GREY" style="Color" group="Color Definitions">
<Alt string="Grey" />
<Alt string="GRAY" />
<Alt string="Gray" />
<Token byte="$4F" string="DARKGREY" style="Color" group="Color Definitions">
<Alt string="DarkGrey" />
<Alt string="DARKGRAY" />
<Alt string="DarkGray" />
<Token byte="$5A" string="GridLine " style="Command" group="Graph Commands" />
<Token byte="$5B" string="BackgroundOn " style="Command" group="Graph Commands" />
<Token byte="$6A" string="DetectAsymOn" group="Graph Commands" />
<Token byte="$6B" string="DetectAsymOff" group="Graph Commands" />
<Token byte="$64" string="BackgroundOff" group="Graph Commands" />
<Token byte="$65" string="GraphColor(" style="Command" group="Graph Commands" />
<Token byte="$67" string="TextColor(" style="Command" group="Drawing Commands" />
<Token byte="$68" string="Asm84CPrgm" />
<Token byte="$6C" string="BorderColor " style="Command" group="Graph Commands" />
<Token byte="$73" string="tinydotplot" stringTerminator="false">
<Alt string="plottinydot" />
<Token byte="$74" string="Thin" group="Graph Styles" />
<Token byte="$75" string="Dot-Thin" group="Graph Styles" />
<Token byte="$7A" string="Asm84CEPrgm" />
<Token byte="$95" string="invBinom(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$96" string="Wait " style="Command" />
<Token byte="$97" string="toString(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$98" string="eval(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$A6" string="piecewise(" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$F0" string="^" />
<Token byte="$F1" string="ˣ√" stringTerminator="false">
<Alt string="xroot" />
<Token byte="$F2" string="1-Var Stats " style="Command" />
<Token byte="$F3" string="2-Var Stats" />
<Token byte="$F4" string="LinReg(a+bx) " style="Command" />
<Token byte="$F5" string="ExpReg " style="Command" />
<Token byte="$F6" string="LnReg " style="Command" />
<Token byte="$F7" string="PwrReg " style="Command" />
<Token byte="$F8" string="Med-Med " style="Command" />
<Token byte="$F9" string="QuadReg " style="Command" />
<Token byte="$FA" string="ClrList " style="Command" />
<Token byte="$FB" string="ClrTable" style="Command" />
<Token byte="$FC" string="Histogram" />
<Token byte="$FD" string="xyLine" />
<Token byte="$FE" string="Scatter" />
<Token byte="$FF" string="LinReg(ax+b) " style="Command" />

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@kg583 kg583 commented Jun 5, 2020

Place this file into the Tokens folder for TokenIDE. In the editor, you can then switch the tokens file to this XML.

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