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# credit: mikaelho / pythonista – gestures
# credit: tdamdouni / Pythonista
# credit: Pythonista / slider /
class AugmentedSliderWithLabel(ui.View):
'''wrapper for ui.Slider to also show a label. You can edit the value of the slider directly in the label since it is a textfield. Can take the following keyword arguments:
- for the slider:
>> value: default value when presented (should be a number that is less than max_val and greater than 0). The default is 50
>> max_val: the default for a usual slider is 1.0. SliderWithLabel will conventiently multiply the max_val for the label display and for returning it's value attribute. The default is 100
khoitsma /
Last active Oct 30, 2018
Pythonista Overlay Test
# credit:
# credit:
from overlay import Overlay, AppWindows
from gestures import Gestures
import ui
if __name__=='__main__':