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Last active Dec 2, 2017
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Database class for server side swift project
import PerfectHTTP
import PerfectHTTPServer
import PerfectMySQL
import Foundation
public class DB {
// You'll need to update these values based on how you've set up MySQL.
let host = ""
let user = "root"
let password = "admin"
let database = "nintendo"
func databaseConnect(host: String, user: String, password: String, db: String) -> MySQL {
let mysql = MySQL() // Create an instance of MySQL to work with
let connected = mysql.connect(host: host, user: user, password: password, db: db)
guard connected else {
// verify that we have connected successfully
return mysql
return mysql
public func insertGame(title: String, description: String, createdDate: String){
// Connect to our database
var db = databaseConnect(host: host, user: user, password: password, db: database)
defer {
db.close() //This defer block makes sure we terminate the connection once finished, regardless of the result
// Create the statement we wish to execute
let statement = MySQLStmt(db)
let insert = "INSERT INTO game(id, title, description, release_date) VALUES (\(statement.insertId()), '\(title)', '\(description)', '\(createdDate)');"
_ = statement.prepare(statement: insert)
// Run the query
let querySuccess = statement.execute()
// Check that our query was successfuly, otherwise return out
guard querySuccess else {
print("Insert successful!");
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