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class TestMorpheasMorphBounds(unittest.TestCase, livecoding.LiveObject ):
instances = []
def setUp(self): = morpheas.World()
self.tmorph = morpheas.Morph()
def test_1_morph_width(self):
self.tmorph.width = 100
self.assertEqual(self.tmorph.width, 100)
print("parent tmorph width: ", self.tmorph.parent.width)
def test_2_morph_default_position(self):
self.assertEqual(self.tmorph.position, [0,0])
def test_3_morph_change_position(self):
self.tmorph.position = [100,100]
self.assertEqual(self.tmorph.position, [100, 100])
def test_4_morph_parent_is_world(self):
def test_5_morph_world_is_world(self):
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