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Raspberry Pi Pi-Lite web counter - grabs some stats off the wordpress stats API and then sends them to the serial port to be picked up by an arduino based LED display ( Pi-Lite or BelleVue)
import serial
import time
import urllib2
from BeautifulSoup import BeautifulSoup
# Configure Pi serial port
s = serial.Serial()
s.baudrate = 9600
s.timeout = 0
s.port = "/dev/ttyAMA0"
#grab the stats
#replace yourAPIkey with your wordpress API from this page
#replace your blog address
page = urllib2.urlopen("")
#edit the &days=-1 part for different stats:
# days=1 is the number of visits today
# days=30 is the number for the last 30 days
# months=1 is the number for the last month
soup = BeautifulSoup(page)
print soup
#turn it into a string
#remove the bits we don't need
count = count.replace("views","");
count = count.replace('"',"");
print count
# Open serial port
except serial.SerialException, e:
# There was an error
sys.stderr.write("could not open port %r: %s\n" % (port, e))
print "Serial port ready"
# Clear display
# Send count to the serial port
# the Pi-Lite requires the loop to keep displaying the text, the LED counter doesn't require it
while True
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