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@kimukou kimukou/build.xml
Last active Sep 28, 2015

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android build.xml setting
<!--//add task -->
<property name="" location="${out.dir}/../${}_${}.apk" />
<target name="aftert-copy">
<copy file="${}" tofile="${}"/>
<target name="aftert-copy-install" depends="uninstall">
<exec executable="${adb}" failonerror="true">
<arg line="${adb.device.arg}" />
<arg value="install" />
<arg value="-r" />
<arg path="${}" />
<!--//library project -->
<property name="android.library.dir" location="../libP" />
<condition property="tested.project.absolute.dir" value="../testP">
<isset property="tested.project.absolute.dir"/>
<target name="con">
<condition property="library.project.exist">
<available file="${android.library.dir}" />
<available file="${tested.project.absolute.dir}/bin/classes" />
<target name="-pre-compile" depends="con" if="library.project.exist">
<subant failonerror="true">
<fileset dir="${android.library.dir}" includes="build.xml" />
<target name="clean" />
<target name="debug" />
<property name="extensible.classpath" value="${android.library.dir}/bin/classes:${tested.project.absolute.dir}/bin/classes"/>
<!--//groovy testing project (yet not running using discobot.jar and r16SDK) -->
<target name="-post-compile">
<antcall target="compile_groovy"/>
<path id="g.jar.libs.ref">
<fileset dir="${jar.libs.absolute.dir}" includes="*.jar" />
<taskdef name="groovyc"
<target name="compile_groovy">
<path id="g.jar.libs.ref.cmp">
<fileset dir="${android.library.dir}/bin/classes" includes="*.class"/>
<fileset dir="${tested.project.absolute.dir}/bin/classes" includes="*.class"/>
<fileset dir="${out.classes.absolute.dir}" includes="*.class"/>
<fileset dir="${tested.project.absolute.dir}/libs" includes="*.jar" />
<pathelement path="${android.jar}"/>
<path refid="g.jar.libs.ref"/>
<mkdir dir="${out.classes.absolute.dir}"/>
<groovyc encoding="${java.encoding}"
<javac encoding="${java.encoding}" target="${}" debug="on" >
<classpath refid="g.jar.libs.ref.cmp"/>
<include name="**/*.java" />
sdk.dir=<<USE DEFAULT>>
1) android update project -p ./
2) move to use jar => libs
(but exclude not use jar)
<<using Android Library Project >>
android update project -p ./ -l ./../libP
android update project -p ./
is OK
<<using Android Test Project >>
OK) android update test-project -m ../MainP -p ./
NG) android update test-project -m ../MainP -p ./ -l ./../lib
ref cmd)
ref android library project)
using sample::
only eclipse issue.
but ant build is OK
ref metadeta)
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