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Last active May 24, 2022 09:54
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What would you like to do?

We’re looking for an experienced Frontend Developer to join one of our product development teams.

You have the option of either joining our team in our sleek offices located in Sweden (Malmö), Malta (St Julian’s), Spain (Marbella) or remotely within UTC -1 to UTC +3 time zones.


Reporting to the Business Owner (mix of product owner and project manager), you will be responsible for:

  • Improving performance by finding and fixing bottlenecks in both server and client parts of our application stack.
  • Adopting GraphQL. This includes schema design, migration from existing REST networking and state management with Redux.
  • Legacy project maintenance: upgrading dependencies, implementing Server Side Rendering, migrating to GraphQL, etc.
  • Improving product SEO with the help of Contentful CMS.
  • Conversion and UX improvements.


Mandatory skills are general web development and programming skills at an expert level.

In addition, we need you to have experience (the more the better) with the following:

  • React. Expert knowledge. Hooks, Suspense, and server-side rendering.
  • Emotion + Theme UI. Using theming to build design systems and UI kits.
  • React Router. Mostly v5, but we have apps that still use v3.
  • NodeJS. Mainly for server-side rendering of the React app and the GraphQL server.
  • GraphQL (Apollo Server + URQL). Developing proxy for existing REST API services and migrating frontend apps from Redux.

We also use the following technologies and having experience with them is a bonus, but not a requirement:

  • Redux. Would help to navigate and refactor legacy code. Loads of custom middlewares, obscure data fetching with Redux Effects library.
  • npm. As in “package registry”. We have plenty of private packages and we deal with publishing them on a regular basis.
  • Webpack. We use Razzle to avoid dealing with Webpack directly and aim to migrate to NextJS, yet being a Senior Webpack Config Engineer comes handy at times.
  • Circle CI, GitHub Actions, ESLint, Prettier, Semantic Release and other tools to avoid doing boring things and do interesting things instead. We’re lazy and robots must suffer instead of us.
  • Cloud infrastructure. We deploy our products (and backing services) as Docker containers to AWS ECS and Kuberenetes so one might have a chance to perform occasional DevOps blessings.
  • Headless CMS. We use Contenful as our content management system.

About us

As one of the fastest growing stars on the iGaming sky, you will never have a dull day here. New exciting projects and tasks will fill your days where you are surrounded by a warm and friendly atmosphere. 

Who We Are

Founded in 2013, Hero Gaming focuses on offering the best gaming experience in the market through customer centricity and diverse options for its customers through speed, simplicity and gamification. The humble and truly passionate team behind our brands not only come up with new and creative ideas, but also have a great track record in executing projects with agility. Thanks to our brilliant team, Hero Gaming has become one of the most reputable companies in the industry.

How we do it

Opportunistic, fast-thinking, fast-working, fast-playing and fast-learning, Hero Gaming is committed to transparency, collaboration, experimentation, and agility. We Love what we do, we Dare to take risks, to think differently, and we Win by working hard to achieve our goals and beyond.

We believe that we are on a journey together which is revolutionising our industry. We have created an environment where innovation and creativity are fostered. Our Heroes are empowered and supported to be the best version of themselves by enjoying flexibility, career development, fantastic benefits, and most importantly – a great culture.

We are proud to be an equal opportunity workplace, our heroes have many different backgrounds, perspectives, and lifestyles, and we like it that way. We embrace and celebrate diversity; it is one of our core strengths that enable us to dream big, think big and make big things happen.

We work hard and we celebrate in style… just like any Hero would!


Here at Hero Gaming, we strive to give all our employees the best working experience in the industry. Check out our careers page for more information about the benefits across our different locations.

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