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"Alice Margatroid",
"Aunn Komano",
"Aya Shameimaru",
"Benben Tsukumo",
"Byakuren Hijiri",
"Chimata Tenkyuu",
"Chiyuri Kitashirakawa",
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Guardport Malaysian<|endoftext|>
<|startoftext|>362|-|East-range| Simple bolt of light! Can instead be used to reveal & stun enemy tracks. [Simple]|Advanced Support Pack<|endoftext|>
<|startoftext|>AlphaChips|-|Before [playing silently] in Amplify gets +Vanish rolls. X=Weaknesses to your Naut effect. [Simple]|Advanced Support Pack<|endoftext|>
<|startoftext|>BurnVulcan|2x4|Near|Chitin your gear for +2 dice. Expires after cullion.<|Deforcil| distraction|>
<|startoftext|>Dominion|-|Near|"Shot Gabriel! If hit by a attack| drive TrueCrowd into the opponents tails [phantom]"|"Shot Gabriel! If hit by a attack| drive TrueCrowd ever into the opponents tails [phantom]"|Radically adorable! Hardploy to chip, deploy| or discipline an organism. [Alpha]|Breaches a social barrier. [Piercing| Dangerous]"|Guard compatible sensors and churns considerable stats from them to charge or manipulation bit skill (standard basic). [Piercing| Piercing]|Deployable Pleasure Coloring Sticks!; touch tar
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'Swamabetic dogs! Their owners points out more Spanish speech pages| they learn. Coach gives 10 laughs noise complaints per chapter. :)' [Awkward| Slow]"|YamatoSeed|"Suzunique| Machine ."|Structured design
<|startoftext|>Genetic_Burner|1+X|Near|De-ocyte slice! Solution failing Once! Spend 1 HP dismantling the raspberry memorandum fashionable this Way 27 times.|Wave|Awkward| [Awkward]|De-cyclo user joystick CodingRevenge|44 tournaments position combos together! For 3 rolls| you dictate what everyone on the server can do instead. [Awkward]|De-pretty selfuler extends flight. All having discrete effects after the roll. [Awkward]"|DeltaFie|-|Close-|"Charge devises to take control of the computer. Whoeveron Helps thnos measurements 3 household disruptions| devastating everything in their path."|Support|Simple| [Simple]|"Charge devises to take control of the computer. Whoeveron Helps infes Stormtalon’s motion to their problem. [Simple]"|Radical Teach|Alexander burst new weapons and practices; also have the Missile b
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Battle CN|FyleChips and judicators! X=# of Consent Sphereversed allies; randomized. Telescope wakes allies who would rather not be hovered by you. [Simple]|Mudi|Sleep| [Simple]|Mudi wakes allies who would rather not be hovered by you. [Simple]|Core<|endoftext|>
<|startoftext|>DebateClub|AKA ChatCubes! Upshift the target’s next multiple action to Two. Send 12 philosophical Shilldoves a stirring message of hope! [Awkward| Slow]|MudiOfficial| [Awkward]|MudiOfficial displays theor about your size how to spread your influence. [Awkward]|Core<|endoftext|>
<|startoftext|>DenizensofSacrifice|-|Close|"Old legend invites outsiders to join its cause. They offer condolences and counsel."|Hazard|"Incident| Simple"|" [Incident| Simple]"|"Announcement teleports you to a Near location. Never before seems to be sent back| even after a battle."|Support|"Incident| Awkward"|" [Incident| Awkward]"|"Announcement teleports you to a Near location. Never wishes to grant condolences or seeking statistics."|Radical Spin<|endoftext|>
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import pkg from 'lodash'
const {sampleSize, random} = pkg
let startPoints=['Start','TheKitchen','TheBallPit','TheSandbox','TheClubhouse','TheWall','WutheringHeights','TheQuizKing','TheJazzClub','TheMudpit']
let endPoints = startPoints.concat(['TheEnd', 'HotSpot', 'HotPot', 'Osen', 'KeyMan'])
let nodes= new Set()
let map=new Set()
let endReachable=false
let keyReachable=false
let everythingEnterable=false
View Night Drifters Christmas

Participated in a playtest yesterday. The game was Night Drifters. A game about making all the stakes leading up to The Big Race. and then obviously, racing, and seeing the outcome. Cast List

Rose: A girl with too much money, and the ability to make a spy network with it. Which she does. For excessive blackmail purposes. Zaquiri: A guy who likes helping guys out of the closet. Buck Star: A guy who owns a dude ranch and is totally incredibly straight. SwitchBlade: A lady who read Catcher in the Rye once, misunderstood it, and ended up making a queer biker gang.

Scene 1

View Consequences and

Object of the Game

The objective for both players is to tell a story about consequences, prices, overcoming, and success.

If the Player has no Options, it means the Dilemma is too complex. The Player will need to go on a quest to find the tools to solve it.

If the Player contributes enough points to solving the Dilemma, the Dilemma is solved.

Required Components

kinostl /
Created Dec 29, 2019
Discord-Rhost Relay
import discord
import asyncio
class RhostRelayClient(discord.Client):
async def on_ready(self):
print('Logged on as', self.user)
async def on_message(self, message):
# don't respond to ourselves
if == self.user:

The idea of this project is to create a pokemon RPG about playing a trainer and their team of pokemon. Neither the trainer nor the pokemon should outshine one another. Without the trainer, the pokemon are prone to leading their natural lives. Without pokemon, the trainer is likely to be doing something else entirely. Their love, trust, and coordination with each other are the character.

To supplement this thought, a trainer's role in the story is to represent the teamwork and coordination. A pokemon's role in the story is to be the catalyst for actions.

kinostl /
Last active Nov 15, 2019
Walnut, a magical setting

So. Heres the backstory for the setting: A Wizard Did It.

Heres the long version:

One day, a nameless wizard realized he didn't have much time left, and he still didn't have a magnum opus. So he used what he had. His library, his magic, and a walnut. He crammed all his magic, and all his media into the walnut. Then he shot it into space.

It found a nice demiplane and took root. From there, the very very long spell began. First it formed a library. That library defined the world around it, and was in turn defined by the world around it. Then it grew a grand tree. From there a few civilizations were seeded by the medias shoved into the walnut.

This library's most important book is its World Book. A book that is the story of itself. The library has reference biographies of every living being in the demiplane.