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Created Jul 12, 2019

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Static Classes = one copy for the entire lifetime of the application. Storing data inside a static class is not a good idea, because it increases the application's memory footprint. They aren't instantiated (look below)

Instantiated Classes

Auto Properties = are more common because auto-properties target many types of applications WinForms, WPF, ASP.NET MVC...

Constructor = (ctor) is a method that is not static. It is part of the instantiated class. A constructor is a special type of method when a "car/house" (object) is built.

Method overloading

Extension Methods



Abstract Classes

Abstract Classes and Interface

C# Introduction

ASP.NET Websites




Stack and Heap

Programming Features Help


Console Games

IOT (Internet of Things)

Open Source




Control Flow

Arrays and Lists







Additional Topics

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C# Repl

> #r "C:\Users\yourusername\source\repos\BirdWatcher\BirdWatcher\BirdWatcher.dll" = your project will be linked to C# Interactive (REPL)

Code Snippets

Control + Shift N = start a new project

Alt UP ARROW / DOWN ARROW = move a single or multiple lines of code up or down

control + j = brings back intellisense

control + x = cut a single line

control + kc = // comment several lines out

control + . = // using System ...

control + k = uncomment several lines out

shift + tab = unindent lines of code

control shift b = complie (build)

control shift d = copy and past previous line

cw + tab tab = Control.WriteLine() (press tab twice)

try tab = try block created (works for if, while, do, for and foreach statements as well)

ctor = Makes a constructor

prop + tab tab = declare auto-properties

propfull + tab tab = declare full on properties

control + tab = get back to another file

type /// private static void addTwoNumbers ... = add /// <summary> comments </summary>

Control R + R = change name of a class

Control . = Recognize a class from another namespace

Control R, A = run test

mvcaction4 + tab = create a ActionResult (MVC)

In case mvcaction4 snippet does not work click here


F9 = add break point

F5 = run in debug mode

F10 = step over

Shift + F11 = step out of

Shift + F5 = exit debug mode

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