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Changelog 1.24.0
  • a624dd80a Updated Ghost-Admin to 1.24.0 - kirrg001
  • 5d42b63b5 Version bump to 1.24.0 - kirrg001
  • 3fef1aa8c Version bump to 1.24.0 - kirrg001
  • b392d1925 Dynamic Routing Beta (TryGhost/Ghost#9596) - Katharina Irrgang
  • 71c6830c3 Adding embed card icons - Zimo
  • 9b704f169 Fixed single lodash import - kirrg001
  • 3afc2654a 🐛Fixed short urls when private blogging is enabled (TryGhost/Ghost#9628) - Tien Do
  • a18d8d3e5 Fixed tab not focusing role select in Invite User modal (TryGhost/Ghost-Admin#1020) - ean
  • 4bf815dba Fixed autofocus not working on modal inputs - Kevin Ansfield
  • a993994d6 ES6 migration: core/server/helpers/asset.js (TryGhost/Ghost#9662) - Lundin Matthews
  • 8e3b7fa5a Revert liquid-fire@0.29.3 bump - Kevin Ansfield
  • fdde9f7c5 Bump dependencies - kirrg001
  • 2e65779c8 Bump dependencies (TryGhost/Ghost-Admin#1022) - Kevin Ansfield
  • 06209794c 🐛 Fixed broken scrolling/scroll bars in Code Injection inputs - Kevin Ansfield
  • 7089e6a74 Improved delete subscriber icon visibility in Night Shift - Kevin Ansfield
  • f24dbff47 Fixed telling Ignition on Ghost start to inherit from a native error message - kirrg001
  • a6efb425c Fixed broken loading state on transition between posts in editor (TryGhost/Ghost-Admin#1021) - Abdullah Samman
  • 0ccc24bf1 Removed old jshint/jscs rules - kirrg001
  • dd668892d Removed more 'use strict' usages - kirrg001
  • c2849728e Updated content/settings/ - kirrg001
  • 38ae7bf73 Remove errant console.log - Kevin Ansfield
  • 8989bf1b2 Koenig - ^superscript^ and subscript text expansion support - Kevin Ansfield
  • 826d38490 Remove old issue template - Hannah Wolfe
  • ffdff5037 Update issue templates - Hannah Wolfe
  • af5717762 Fixed incorrect return value for publicAPI from the configuration endpoint - kirrg001
  • 20503ee66 Koenig - Do not show image toolbar until image is uploaded - Kevin Ansfield
  • eeee87fd0 Koenig - Drag & drop image card creation + upload - Kevin Ansfield
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