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Noah Petherbridge kirsle

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import benchmark
class DictBenchmark(benchmark.Benchmark):
each = 5000
def setUp(self): = dict()
for i in range(0, 10000):["key_{}".format(i)] = "value {}".format(i)
kirsle /
Created Sep 22, 2014
Python decorator order

What order does Python execute decorators in? It seems like this changed sometime between when they were first introduced (2.4) and now (2.7).

Given the code:

def myfunc():
kirsle / iterative
Created Nov 30, 2014
Experiments for upgrading RiveScript's tag processing algorithm, to support nested tags such as <set oldname=<get name>> which previously didn't work, as I was doing a simple find/replace one tag-type at a time and <set> always came before <get>.
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#!/usr/bin/env python
"""Experiments to upgrade RiveScript's tag processing algorithm."""
from collections import deque
import re
import random
tests = [
"<set oldname=<get name>>I thought your name was <get oldname>?",
kirsle /
Created Dec 11, 2014
A test for Redis-based file locking when rapidly updating a JSON document (doesn't work)
#!/usr/bin/env python
"""Script to stress test rapid JSON DB writes.
1. When reading from disk, flock(LOCK_SH) is used on the file handle.
2. When writing to disk:
a. A lock is acquired in a Redis instance as added protection
b. File is locked with LOCK_EX during the write
c. After the file is written (while still Redis-locked), it attempts to read
the file again immediately (LOCK_SH) to verify that it wrote successfully
kirsle /
Created Dec 19, 2014
Just a dead simple "password cracker" that will brute force your plain lowercased passwords (letters only, no numbers or capitals).
# Simple password cracker. Tries every combination of plain lowercased
# passwords, from "a", "b", ..., "z", "aa", "ab", ... "az", "ba", "bb" ...
use 5.18.0;
use Time::HiRes qw(time);
use Digest::MD5 qw(md5_hex);
my $victim = $ARGV[0];
kirsle / tcp-server.diff
Created Feb 22, 2015
RiveScript Node TCP Server with Logging
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diff --git a/node/tcp-server.js b/node/tcp-server.js
index 22b383f..08e9c02 100644
--- a/node/tcp-server.js
+++ b/node/tcp-server.js
@@ -4,6 +4,7 @@
// Run this and then telnet to localhost:2001 and chat with the bot!
+var fs = require("fs");
var net = require("net");
#!/usr/bin/env python
class WorkerBase(object):
def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
print "WorkerBase init"
class DBWorker(WorkerBase):
def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
print "DBWorker init"
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# Problem: sending a binary download in ExpressJS.
# I was trying to proxy download a binary file from S3 and serve it to the user with a different name.
# Using the `request` module didn't work; text files came back fine but binary files would be corrupted
# in strange ways (see attached diff).
# I ended up using the built-in `https` module and doing it the hard way.
# My theory: the request module expects to only work with text and was performing some UTF-8 coercion
# requires: libX11-devel, libXt-devel, libXtst-devel, /usr/bin/xinput
# sudo cpanm X11::GUITest
use threads;
use IO::Pty::Easy;
use IO::Handle;
use X11::GUITest qw(ClickMouseButton :CONST);
# minimal example of linking RiveScript to Twilio (untested)
from flask import Flask, request, redirect
from rivescript import RiveScript
import twilio.twiml
app = Flask(__name__)
bot = RiveScript()
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