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Rough skeleton code for going from the b
import processing.serial.*;
Serial serial;
// TODO Import OSC library
int packetCount = 0;
void setup() {
// Set up serial connection
println("Find your Arduino in the list below, note its [index]:\n");
serial = new Serial(this, Serial.list()[0], 9600);
// TODO set up OSC stuff
void draw() {
// Nothing to see here
void serialEvent(Serial p) {
// Split incoming packet on commas
// See for information on the CSV packet format
String[] incomingValues = split(p.readString(), ',');
// Verify that the packet looks legit
if (incomingValues.length > 1) {
// Wait till the third packet or so to start recording to avoid initialization garbage.
if (packetCount > 3) {
int signalQuality = Integer.parseInt(incomingValues[0].trim());
int attention = Integer.parseInt(incomingValues[1].trim());
int meditation = Integer.parseInt(incomingValues[2].trim());
int delta = Integer.parseInt(incomingValues[3].trim());
int theta = Integer.parseInt(incomingValues[4].trim());
int lowAlpha = Integer.parseInt(incomingValues[5].trim());
int highAlpha = Integer.parseInt(incomingValues[6].trim());
int lowBeta = Integer.parseInt(incomingValues[7].trim());
int highBeta = Integer.parseInt(incomingValues[8].trim());
int lowGamma = Integer.parseInt(incomingValues[9].trim());
int highGamma = Integer.parseInt(incomingValues[10].trim());
// TODO take the above values and send them out over OSC
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