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Disqus comments widget: on-demand
! Title: Disqus click-to-load
# Copy-paste the static filters below into your "My filters" pane in the
# dashboard.
# Purpose is to load Disqus comments on demand only, so that no connection
# to `` occurs by default when you land on a site which uses
# Disqus comments widget.
# Not connecting to Disqus by default is a good thing for such a
# ubiquitous server as ``, which can be used to build a
# profile of your browsing habits, even if you have no account with
# Disqus. This also helps web pages containing the Disqus widget to
# load faster.
# These filters will cause a button labeled:
# "Disqus blocked by uBlock Origin: click to unblock" to be embedded
# where Disqus comments would normally be loaded. Click the button
# to force the comments to be loaded.
# Be sure your filter lists are up to date, new resources have been
# added today to make these filters work.
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