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Kerem Kayacan kkayacan

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kkayacan / python.txt
Created April 20, 2019 11:31
Python cheat sheet
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Making a Stand Alone Executable from a Python Script using PyInstaller
pyinstaller --onefile <your_script_name>.py
View abappolice-sat-sample-01.abap
TYPES: BEGIN OF st_list,
tabname TYPE dd03l-tabname,
fieldname TYPE dd03l-fieldname,
keyflag TYPE dd03l-keyflag,
rollname TYPE dd03l-rollname,
ddtext TYPE dd03t-ddtext,
END OF st_list.
CLASS-DATA: t_list TYPE TABLE OF st_list,
kkayacan / linux.txt
Last active July 15, 2020 22:17
Linux quick reference for Debian/Ubuntu/Raspbian
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Create directory (only one level can be created, upper levels must exist)
$ mkdir /path/to/directory
Create nested directories
$ mkdir -p /path/to/directory
Open/edit/create file with nano editor
$ sudo nano "/var/www/"
Move folder
kkayacan / cloud9.txt
Created June 22, 2018 19:06
Cloud9 quick reference
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Find current host address with below bash command
dig TXT +short
kkayacan / git.txt
Last active July 6, 2020 14:25
Git quick reference
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• Clone an existing remote repository to local
git clone
• If starting from local (not cloning remote repo), initialize repository
git init
• Check status (changes since last commit) (optional)
git status