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klpn / svpred.jl
Created Feb 28, 2016
Prediction of Swedish mortality pattern using my MortParamsPlot
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using MortParamsPlot, PyPlot
import YAML
obsyrs = 1999:2013
predyrs = 2018:5:2033
af = 0
ages = 35:5:95
country = 4290
circcomb = ["ihd";"circnonihd"]
predcauses = ["tum";circcomb]
klpn / statswe.json
Created Nov 23, 2015
JSON to Statistics Sweden
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"response": {
"format": "json-stat"
"query": [
"code": "Region",
"selection": {
"values": [
klpn / pandoclinkerr
Created Jul 4, 2015
Pandoc link errors on OpenBSD
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Linking dist/build/pandoc/pandoc ...
/home/karl/.cabal/lib/x86_64-openbsd-ghc-7.8.4/hslua-0.3.13/libHShslua-0.3.13.a(loslib.o): In function `luaopen_os':
(.text+0x38): warning: warning: tmpnam() possibly used unsafely; consider using mkstemp()
/home/karl/.cabal/lib/x86_64-openbsd-ghc-7.8.4/hslua-0.3.13/libHShslua-0.3.13.a(lobject.o): In function `luaO_chunkid':
(.text+0x145): warning: warning: strcpy() is almost always misused, please use strlcpy()
/home/karl/.cabal/lib/x86_64-openbsd-ghc-7.8.4/hslua-0.3.13/libHShslua-0.3.13.a(lmathlib.o): In function `luaopen_math':
(.text+0x367): warning: warning: rand() may return deterministic values, is that what you want?
/home/karl/.cabal/lib/x86_64-openbsd-ghc-7.8.4/hslua-0.3.13/libHShslua-0.3.13.a(lobject.o): In function `luaO_chunkid':
(.text+0x157): warning: warning: strcat() is almost always misused, please use strlcat()
/home/karl/.cabal/lib/x86_64-openbsd-ghc-7.8.4/cryptohash-0.11.6/libHScryptohash-0.11.6.a(sha512.o): In function `sha512_init_t':