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Khurrum Nasim knasim

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Java 8: java.util.Optional

private abstract Optional<String> methodThatReturnsOptionalString();

private void useOptionalString() {
	Optional<String> myOptionalString = methodThatReturnsOptionalString();
	if (myOptionalString.isPresent()) {
		String myUnboxedString = myOptionalString.get();
		System.out.format("Optional string had value: %s\n", myUnboxedString);

} else {

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this is my gist
this is my gist
this is my gist
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Last active Jul 3, 2018
Spiralize a 2D square matrix i.e nxn matrix
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public class SpiralMatrix {
Spiralize a 2D square matrix i.e (nxn)
input: 123