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Created August 3, 2017 15:51
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implicit val optionInt: Option[Int] = Some(1)
implicit val optionBoolean: Option[Boolean] = Some(true)
def getImplicitOptionInt(implicit oInt: Option[Int]): Int = oInt.get
def getImplicitOptionBoolean(implicit oBoolean: Option[Boolean]): Boolean = oBoolean.get
def getImplicitlyOptionA[A: Option]: A = implicitly[Option[A]].get
trait Parent {
def sayHello: String
trait Son extends Parent {
override def sayHello: String = "Hello! I'm Son!"
trait Daughter extends Parent {
override def sayHello: String = "Hello! I'm Daughter!"
def sayHello[A <: Parent](a: A): Unit = println(a.sayHello)
sayHello(new Son {})
sayHello(new Daughter {})
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