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Last active December 10, 2015 20:58
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String#replace_invalid_bytes that replaces invalid bytes in a string
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
class String
def replace_invalid_bytes(replace = nil)
if block_given?
if replace
warn 'block not used' if $VERBOSE
elsif replace.nil?
raise ArgumentError, 'an argument or a block must be given'
return self if valid_encoding?
if replace
r = String.try_convert(replace) or
raise TypeError, "can't convert #{replace.class} into String"
each_char.inject('') { |s, c|
s << (c.valid_encoding? ? c : r)
each_char.inject('') { |s, c|
s << (c.valid_encoding? ? c : yield(*c.bytes))
puts "あい\x80\xffう".replace_invalid_bytes('[?]')
#=> あい[?][?]う
puts "あい\x80\xffう".replace_invalid_bytes { |b| "<%02X>" % b }
#=> あい<80><FF>う
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