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View ustvariants.go
var ustVariants = map[string]map[string]string{
"Amateur Auteur": map[string]string{
"ravnica": "3a",
"innistrad": "3b",
"theros": "3c",
"zendikar": "3d",
"version 1": "3a",
"ravnica silver": "3a",
"innistrad blue": "3b",
"theros red": "3c",
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TL:DR; I'm not sure if it just a data problem or i'm tackling the problem wrong


What i'm trying to do is getting a list of entries with variable properties mapped to a well known list of entries with fixed properties

In other words i have a variable textual entry composed of {"ABC (test)" "wrongdata"} which needs to be mapped to to a fixed entry {"ABC" "test"}

Problem statement

There are a variety of data providers that output entries with different combinations of fields and values that need to possibly be mapped to the same final entry.

View mtgtycoon.js
javascript:(function() {
var card = prompt("Card Name");
var sites = [];
View load.go
func LoadAllPrintings(allPrintingsPath string) error {
allPrintingsReader, err := os.Open(allPrintingsPath)
if err != nil {
return err
defer allPrintingsReader.Close()
dec := json.NewDecoder(allPrintingsReader)
_, err = dec.Token()
if err != nil {
View mtgbuylister.js
javascript:(function() {
var card = prompt("Card Name");
if (!card || card == "") {
trimmedCard = card.trim();
var sites = [];
/* Buylists */
View kierank.diff
diff --git a/common/base.h b/common/base.h
index 28fc6524..38769d33 100644
--- a/common/base.h
+++ b/common/base.h
@@ -49,6 +49,31 @@
#include <limits.h>
#include "x264.h"
+x264_t *x264_8_encoder_open( x264_param_t * );


This table shows the current implementation status of several multimedia fomats by popular tools and browsers. All tests were run with the latest available version, or git HEAD for open source software.

Symbols mean

  • fully supported
  • unsupported
  • 💭 work in progress
  • 1️⃣️ see notes
View mixed storage probably
View gist:2e789486503911592265e39d826958c5
$ ./configure
generating config.mak ...
usage: tr [-Ccsu] string1 string2
tr [-Ccu] -d string1
tr [-Ccu] -s string1
tr [-Ccu] -ds string1 string2