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class BadRequestExcetpion(val httpStatusCode: String, msg: String? = null): RuntimeException(msg)
// インスタンス生成時にRuntimeExceptionにmsgを渡しています
// Javaで書き直した場合
class BadRequestException extends RuntimeException{
String httpStatusCode;
BadRequestException(String httpStatusCode, String msg){
this.httpStatusCode = httpStatusCode
data class Person(
val name: String,
val age: Int
@RequestMapping(value= "/persons")
class PersonController{
@RequestMapping(value = "/persons/{id}" method = arrayOf(RequestMethod.GET))
fun getPerson(@PathVariable(value = "id") id: String): Person =
when (id){
"one" -> Person(id, 10),
"two" -> Person(id, 20),
else -> throw NotFoundException(403, "Not found Person!!")
fun notFound(e: NotFoundException) : Map<String, String?> =
mapOf(Pair("status", e.status), Pair("message", e.message))
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