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Kristján Oddsson koddsson

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Keybase proof

I hereby claim:

  • I am koddsson on github.
  • I am koddsson ( on keybase.
  • I have a public key whose fingerprint is CE3A 6AB4 9EAF 00C2 2AB7 4E90 92A0 22F6 0F83 CFC2

To claim this, I am signing this object:

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git stash save -k "KODDSSON-PRE-COMMIT-STASH"
npm run lint
git stash apply stash^{/KODDSSON-PRE-COMMIT-STASH}
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# If applied, this commit will...
# Explain why this change is being made
# Provide links to any relevant tickets, articles or other resources
koddsson / hello-world.html
Created Apr 24, 2016
HTML5 | Hello world
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<!DOCTYPE html>
Hello World
View gist:a0057d2894444fba9aae
2016-03-20 20:46:43.078888: handle_incoming_response: in {u'isFull': False, u'notes': [{u'end': 5992, u'severity': {u'typehint': u'NoteError'}, u'beg': 5964, u'file': u'/Users/koddsson/Repos/quizup-monorepo/src/scala/com/quizup/moderation/endpoints/players.scala', u'msg': u'not found: value createModerationActionReader', u'line': 142, u'col': 57}], u'typehint': u'NewScalaNotesEvent'}
2016-03-20 20:46:43.079001: path: in
2016-03-20 20:46:44.095930: unqueue: result received {
"payload": {
"typehint": "NewScalaNotesEvent",
"isFull": false,
"notes": [{
"beg": 6805,
"line": 157,
"col": 42,