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MurmurHash3 in C++11 using constexpr!
#include <cstddef>
#include <cstdint>
#include <cstdio>
namespace util {
struct funcs;
template <typename S> struct mh3_internal;
template <typename S, S default_seed> struct mh3;
typedef mh3<uint32_t, 0> mh3_default;
struct funcs {
constexpr static inline std::size_t strlen(char const* const str) {
return (nullptr==str || *str=='\0') ? 0 : 1+funcs::strlen(str+1);
template <typename Y, typename Z>
constexpr static inline auto rotl32(Y const x, Z const r) -> decltype(x+r) {
return (x<<r) | (x>>(32-r));
template <> struct mh3_internal<uint32_t> {
constexpr static uint32_t C1_=0xcc9e2d51;
constexpr static uint32_t C2_=0x1b873593;
constexpr static uint32_t MX_=0xe6546b64;
constexpr static uint32_t F1_=0x85ebca6b;
constexpr static uint32_t F2_=0xc2b2ae35;
template <uint32_t default_seed> struct mh3<uint32_t, default_seed> : private mh3_internal<uint32_t> {
constexpr static inline uint32_t calc(char const* const str, uint32_t const seed=default_seed) {
return do_string(str, seed, (uint32_t const)funcs::strlen(str));
#define dbeg(typ, data) ((typ const* const)data)
#define dend(typ, data, len) ((typ const* const)((uint8_t const* const)data+((len&0xFFFFFFFC))))
constexpr static inline uint32_t do_string(char const* const str, uint32_t const seed, uint32_t const len) {
dend(uint8_t, str, len),
dend(uint32_t, str, len),
dbeg(uint32_t, str),
#undef dend
#undef dbeg
// Only handles every whole 4-byte block
constexpr static inline uint32_t body(uint32_t const* const end, uint32_t const* const iter, uint32_t const h1) {
return iter==end ? h1 : body(end, iter+1, do_block(*iter, h1));
constexpr static inline uint32_t do_block(uint32_t const k1, uint32_t const h1) {
return funcs::rotl32(h1^(funcs::rotl32(k1*C1_, 15)*C2_), 13)*5+MX_;
// Handle the last non-whole block (if there is one) and mix it in
constexpr static inline uint32_t tail(uint32_t const len, uint8_t const* const tail, uint32_t const h1) {
return (h1^funcs::rotl32(tail_cascade(tail, len&3)*C1_, 15)*C2_)^len;
constexpr static inline uint32_t tail_cascade(uint8_t const* const tail, uint32_t const slots, uint32_t const k1=0/*, uint32_t const shift=16*/) {
return slots==0 ? k1 : tail_cascade(tail, slots-1, k1^tail[slots-1]<<((slots-1)<<3));
// Mix it up real good; toss some cheese in there, a dash of salt and a smidgen of paprika
constexpr static inline uint32_t fmix(uint32_t h1) {
return (h1=F2_*(h1=F1_*(h1^h1>>16), h1^h1>>13)), h1^h1>>16;
} // namespace util
struct hpair {
char const* const str;
uint32_t const hash;
static hpair const test_data[]={
{"uhadrighea", 0x670f7f27},
{"iuhaeruigh", 0x215f6cee},
{"qeirugh", 0x3268ca3},
{"iuqwehgiu", 0x243bd696},
{"hwdfiug", 0xf3f4e343},
{"h845gwhr89gh3j6w", 0xbdd359da},
{"8978erthg", 0xf28f95a2},
{"aes5y$%JU^WRS^&*EJ%YGHIA", 0x5fa8197c},
{"jegAEJ%YJ", 0x31459048},
{"WR(^HJ", 0x9b530e01},
{"SFJN(", 0xc8381769},
{"ERJ^HJKDR^YJHSDI*F", 0xff1580c3},
{"JB*SEJTHI", 0x7e05a7f3},
{"$^JK", 0xad57f96e},
{"top7djSRTIJAS", 0xe699d7d3},
{"E%TJCA#(ARHKFYO<<>PJKU", 0xc046b1d3},
{"OZ,/TDKJSR56./,YJRTKJOPSJ$%HI", 0xee054684},
{"SCJ%IGJAEFGJ", 0x11f310d8},
{"ETH87,9\\[p[", 0xdcf11cd6},
{"ISRTJHIS", 0x1fffa759},
{"ROTNJH", 0x7826ea9b},
{"ISEN%GIQ^", 0xf364917c},
{"IURT^UIOEMR^Y", 0x64aafe4e},
{"N3564w57E%&IDTK7mrynjwR^KJ", 0x4905f46f},
{nullptr, 0x00}
void print_hash(char const* const str, uint32_t const validate=0x00) {
uint32_t const hash=util::mh3_default::calc(str);
printf("%-50s: %#-.8x", str, hash);
if (0x00!=validate) {
printf(" ==? %#-.8x %s", validate, hash==validate ? "(pass)" : "(fail)");
int main(int argc, char* argv[]) {
int idx=0;
for (hpair const* item; (item=&test_data[idx++]), nullptr!=item->str;) {
print_hash(item->str, item->hash);
if (argc>1) {
puts("\nGiven arguments:");
for (idx=1; argc>idx; ++idx) {
return 0;

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komiga Apr 28, 2012

Compiled with GCC 4.6.3 using:

g++ -std=c++0x -Wall -pedantic -O2 -g -o murmur3_constexpr murmur3_constexpr.cpp

komiga commented Apr 28, 2012

Compiled with GCC 4.6.3 using:

g++ -std=c++0x -Wall -pedantic -O2 -g -o murmur3_constexpr murmur3_constexpr.cpp
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