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KooKoo Mixpanel
require_once('response.php');// this is kookoo library. You can download it from KooKoo website.
$r= new Response();
if($_REQUEST['event'] == 'NewCall')
//get the phone number of the person who called
//get the deals for the categories chosen by the caller.getDealsForCustomer is the function
//which gets details from your database.
$cd= new CollectDtmf();
//playback the deals and hangup
$cd->addPlayText('Please press 1 for '.$deal[0]);
$cd->addPlayText('Please press 2 for '.$deal[1]);
else if($_REQUEST['event']=='GotDtmf')
if($digit == '1')
$r->addPlayText('Thanks for choosing deal 1');
//do payment processing
else if($digit == '2')
$r->addPlayText('Thanks for choosing deal 2');
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