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Pascal van Kooten kootenpv

  • Van Kooten AI Solutions /
  • Utrecht, Netherlands
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// @title itmap(bytes32 => address)
// @author Pascal van Kooten <>
// credits to:
// broken origin:
// Nick "Arachnid" Johnson's new version:
library itmap {
struct entry {
// Equal to the index of the key of this item in keys, plus 1.
uint keyIndex;
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(defun toggle-trans ()
(let* ((pair (or (frame-parameter nil 'alpha) '(100 100)))
(alpha (apply '+ pair)))
(set-frame-parameter nil 'alpha
(if (or (null alpha) (eq alpha 200) (eq alpha 2.0))
'(85 60) '(100 100)))))
# Code review of McKenna/Alex by kootenpv
# This makes it easy to create a reddit bot that
# A. Grabs comments from subreddits of your choice
# B. Searches for a keyword
# C. Replies to comments with that keyword from a list of responses on a CSV file
# This bot attempt to reply with a relevant response by searching for the words in the comment in the responses.
# I plan to improve upon this feature