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@korzio korzio/add.ts
Created May 4, 2019

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import {Command, flags} from '@oclif/command'
import {existsSync, writeFileSync} from 'fs'
export default class Add extends Command {
static description = 'add new note'
static flags = {
help:{char: 'h'}),
static args = [{
name: 'name',
description: 'note name to add, .md can be omitted',
required: true,
async run() {
const {args} = this.parse(Add)
const fileExtension = '.md'
const fileName = `${}${ === fileExtension ? '' : fileExtension}`
const noteName = fileName.slice(0, -3)
if (existsSync(fileName)) {
this.log(`Note "${noteName}" already exists, use "edit" or "delete" instead`)
} else {
writeFileSync(fileName, `# ${}`)
this.log(`Created "${noteName}" note`)
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