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Created Feb 3, 2013
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英数字を180度回転した文字を表示するプログラムの #newlisp 版
#!/usr/bin/env newlisp
;; See also:
(unless utf8
(throw-error "newlisp cannot use UTF-8 encoding"))
(new Tree 'FlipTable)
'(("A" "\u2200") ("B" "\u15FA") ("C" "\u2183") ("D" "\u15E1") ("E" "\u2203")
("F" "\u2132") ("G" "\u2141") ("H" "\u0048") ("I" "\u0049") ("J" "\u027E")
("K" "\u4E2C") ("L" "\u2142") ("M" "\u0057") ("N" "\u004E") ("O" "\u004F")
("P" "\u0064") ("Q" "\u038C") ("R" "\u1D1A") ("S" "\u0053") ("T" "\u22A5")
("U" "\u2229") ("V" "\u039B") ("W" "\u004D") ("X" "\u0058") ("Y" "\u2144")
("Z" "\u005A")
("a" "\u0250") ("b" "\u0071") ("c" "\u0254") ("d" "\u0070") ("e" "\u0259")
("f" "\u025F") ("g" "\u0253") ("h" "\u0265") ("i" "\u0021") ("j" "\u027E")
("k" "\u029E") ("l" "\u006C") ("m" "\u026F") ("n" "\u0075") ("o" "\u006F")
("p" "\u0064") ("q" "\u0062") ("r" "\u0279") ("s" "\u0073") ("t" "\u0287")
("u" "\u006e") ("v" "\u028C") ("w" "\u028D") ("x" "\u0078") ("y" "\u028E")
("z" "\u007A")
("0" "\u0030") ("1" "\u0031") ("2" "\u0032") ("3" "\u03B5") ("4" "\u071B")
("5" "\u0035") ("6" "\u0039") ("7" "\u004C") ("8" "\u0038") ("9" "\u0036")
("." "\u0209") ("," "\u0027") ("-" "\u002D") (":" "\u003A") (";" "\u061B")
("!" "\u0069") ("?" "\u00BF") ("&" "\u214B")
;; for reverse lookup
(dotree (s FlipTable true)
(FlipTable (eval s) (rest (term s))))
(define (%flip s)
(or (FlipTable s) s))
(define (flip str)
(replace "." str (%flip $it) 0x800))
;; __main__
(while (read-line)
(println (flip (current-line))))
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