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#!/usr/bin/env newlisp
# Create newlisp's primitive arglist
# Usage: newlisp mkarglist.lsp [-o target-file] manual-file
# 手動で書いたものはこちら
# >>> arglist.lsp
(define (xml-parse-file file (xml-option (| 1 2 4 8)))
(xml-type-tags nil nil nil nil)
(xml-parse (read-file file) xml-option))
(define (html-unquote text)
(replace ">" text ">")
(replace "&lt;" text "<")
(replace "&amp;" text "&")
;; @syntax (arglist primitive-name)
(define-macro (arglist fname)
(let (ret (Arglist (string fname)))
(when ret
(println ret)
(define (__main__)
(define $argv (2 $main-args))
(when (null? $argv)
(println "Usage: newlisp mkarglist.lsp [-o target-file] manual-file")
(let (n (find "-o" $argv))
(setq $target ($argv (+ 1 n)))
(pop $argv)
(pop $argv))
(setq $target "arglist.lsp"))
(when (file? $target)
(println $target ": already exists")
(print "Creating arglist from document...\r")
(new Tree 'Arglist)
(letn ((manual-xhtml ($argv 0))
;; NOTE:
;; - xml-option 8, distinguish between tags and contents
(xml (xml-parse-file manual-xhtml (+ 2 4 8)))
(h2-template '(h2 (span ((class "function")) ?) *))
fname arg)
(dolist (idx (ref-all h2-template xml match))
(setq fname (map html-unquote (clean empty? (parse ((xml idx) 1 -1)))))
(++ (last idx))
(if (string? (xml idx)) (++ (last idx)))
(setq arg (html-unquote (join (filter string? (flat (xml idx))))))
(dolist (f fname)
(Arglist f arg))
(save $target 'Arglist 'arglist)
(print "making arglist from document...done\n")
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