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Michael Shapiro koudelka

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koudelka / gist:f4d07b9d998d723e55a0
Created Jun 6, 2014
Possible http status codes module for Elixir Phoenix Web Framework
View gist:f4d07b9d998d723e55a0
# Would this be useful to Phoenix?
# In controllers, it'd be nice to be able to refer to status codes as atoms instead of integers.
defmodule Phoenix.Controller.StatusCodes do
@http_status_codes %{
koudelka / type_bully.exs
Created Mar 12, 2016
TypeBully is an (incomplete) toy module to force Elixir functions to respect their typespecs.
View type_bully.exs
# TypeBully forces functions to respect their typespecs by rewriting the function clauses to include proper guards.
# For example, the Wimp module below: cry/3 has typespecs, but no enforcing guards, normally, calling cry/3 would
# always match the first function clause, but TypeBully forces it to select the correct one based on its typespec.
# Without TypeBully:
# iex(1)> Wimp.cry("whaa")
koudelka / gist:5529764
Created May 7, 2013
Why doesn't my FANN work? :(
View gist:5529764
require 'ruby-fann'
input_data = (0..20000).collect do |i|
[i * 0.0001]
output_data = input_data.collect do |i|
koudelka / gist:4322700
Created Dec 17, 2012
Deletes all Facebook friend requests, execute on
View gist:4322700
var x = document.evaluate('//input[@value="Delete Request"]', document.documentElement, null, XPathResult.ANY_TYPE, null);
// gotta build an array of the elements, iterators throw exceptions if you modify the DOM from under them
var elements = [];
var thisNode = x.iterateNext();
while (thisNode) {
thisNode = x.iterateNext();
koudelka / lookup.ex
Created Oct 2, 2015
Elixir Set Lookup
View lookup.ex
defmodule Lookup do
@wordfile "words.txt"
@external_resource @wordfile
@times 1_000_000
@words @wordfile |>! |>
@hash_set Enum.into(@words,
@map_set Enum.into(@words,
koudelka / patch-src__retr.c.diff
Created Feb 4, 2012
Patches wget to make the --convert-links option also rewrite the provided --input-file
View patch-src__retr.c.diff
--- retr.c.orig 2011-08-30 08:47:33.000000000 -0500
+++ retr.c 2012-02-04 13:01:29.000000000 -0600
@@ -944,6 +944,13 @@
set_uri_encoding (iri, opt.locale, true);
set_content_encoding (iri, opt.locale);
+ int input_url_len = strlen(opt.base_href) + strlen(file) + 1;
+ char *input_url = (char *)calloc(input_url_len, sizeof(char));
+ strcat(input_url, opt.base_href);
+ strcat(input_url, file);
View MacRubyCustomRubyCommand.diff
--- a/src/
+++ b/src/
@@ -993,11 +993,17 @@ AC_ARG_ENABLE(rubyinterp,
if test "$enable_rubyinterp" = "yes"; then
AC_MSG_CHECKING(--with-ruby-command argument)
+ dnl If a ruby command was provided, set RUBY_CMD to the name of the binary and RUBY_PATH to its directory
AC_ARG_WITH(ruby-command, [ --with-ruby-command=RUBY name of the Ruby command (default: ruby)],
- RUBY_CMD="ruby"; AC_MSG_RESULT(defaulting to $RUBY_CMD))
View MacVim 1.9.1 patch.diff
diff --git a/src/ b/src/
index 85df7da..c812062 100644
--- a/src/
+++ b/src/
@@ -996,72 +996,75 @@ if test "$enable_rubyinterp" = "yes"; then
AC_ARG_WITH(ruby-command, [ --with-ruby-command=RUBY name of the Ruby command (default: ruby)],
RUBY_CMD="ruby"; AC_MSG_RESULT(defaulting to $RUBY_CMD))
+ if test "X$vi_cv_path_ruby" = "X"; then
+ vi_cv_path_ruby=$withval
View gist:376199
class A
include Mongoid::Document
field :some_field
validates_presence_of :some_field
before_validate :set_some_field
after_validate { p "after_validation" }
koudelka / silent_shell.ex
Created Jul 2, 2014
a silent Mix.Shell.Process
View silent_shell.ex
defmodule Mix.Shell.Process.Quiet do
@moduledoc """
This is a Mix shell, identical to Mix.Shell.Process, except that console output is silenced.
@behaviour Mix.Shell
defdelegate [flush(callback), cmd(command), prompt(message), yes?(message)], to: Mix.Shell.Process
def print_app, do: nil
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