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Android build in ArchLinux

Build in Arch


Turn on multilib

pacman -Sy --needed base base-devel bc python python2 python-pip python2-pip jdk8-openjdk perl git gnupg flex bison gperf zip unzip sdl wxgtk squashfs-tools ncurses libpng zlib libusb libusb-compat readline inetutils schedtool gperf imagemagick lzop pngcrush rsync

pacman -Sy --needed gcc-multilib gcc-libs-multilib libtool-multilib \
lib32-libusb lib32-readline lib32-glibc bash-completion lib32-zlib

yay -Sy --needed lib32-libusb-compat android-sdk android-sdk-platform-tools android-udev esd-oss pngcrush repo tcp_wrappers termcap perl-switch
mkdir -p /opt/bin
wget -O /opt/bin/repo ; sudo chmod 755 /opt/bin/repo
ln -sf /usr/bin/python2 /opt/bin/python
set -gx PATH /opt/bin $PATH
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