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async fetching of urls using goroutines and channels
package main
import (
var urls = []string{
type HttpResponse struct {
url string
response *http.Response
err error
func asyncHttpGets(urls []string) <-chan *HttpResponse {
ch := make(chan *HttpResponse, len(urls)) // buffered
for _, url := range urls {
go func(url string) {
fmt.Printf("Fetching %s \n", url)
resp, err := http.Get(url)
ch <- &HttpResponse{url, resp, err}
return ch
func main() {
results := asyncHttpGets(urls)
for _ = range urls {
result := <-results
fmt.Printf("%s status: %s\n", result.url, result.response.Status)

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@RickyS RickyS commented Jun 4, 2013

resp.Body.Close() on line 26 will panic if given a fake url in the 'urls' array, since 'resp' will be nil.

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