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Created Mar 15, 2012

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Go Buildpack Quickstart (RC)

laslowh commented Mar 18, 2012

Cool! Is it possible to access a DB from your app?


kr commented Mar 20, 2012

Yes, you can use any Go package just as you normally would,
so you can access any database that has a Go driver.

For example, Heroku provides several postgres database
service options, and you can find a Go driver for postgres at (soon to be renamed We also have various other
databases available at Some of
them are sure to have Go drivers, though I don't know the
complete list of which do.

Seems to fail on Go packages hosted on bazaar repositories (such as, the best go mongo driver out there). Is there a workaround? I tried adding the code to my git repository under src/ but that didn't do it.


kr commented Mar 26, 2012

The buildpack doesn't currently make Bazaar available when
running the go tools. I need to fix that. (Mercurial too, maybe.)

As a workaround, you can copy the code of another package
into your project, but you'll have to mangle the include paths.

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