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Created May 17, 2017
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example of how to do the equivalent of the `select` command in fish
# Provide a menu of the directories recently navigated to and ask the user to
# choose one to make the new current working directory (cwd).
function mcd --description "Menu based cd command"
set -l all_dirs $dirprev $dirnext
if not set -q all_dirs[1]
echo (_ 'No previous directories to select. You have to cd at least once.')
return 0
# Reverse the directories so the most recently visited is first in the list.
# Also, eliminate duplicates; i.e., we only want the most recent visit to a
# given directory in the selection list.
set -l uniq_dirs
for dir in $all_dirs[-1..1]
if not contains $dir $uniq_dirs
set uniq_dirs $uniq_dirs $dir
set -l letters a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z
set -l dirc (count $uniq_dirs)
if test $dirc -gt (count $letters)
set -l msg (_ 'This should not happen. Have you changed the cd function?')
printf "$msg\n"
set -l msg (_ 'There are %s unique dirs in your history but I can only handle %s')
printf "$msg\n" $dirc (count $letters)
return 1
# Print the recent directories, oldest to newest. Since we previously
# reversed the list, making the newest entry the first item in the array,
# we count down rather than up.
for i in (seq $dirc -1 1)
set -l dir $uniq_dirs[$i]
set -l label_color normal
set -q fish_color_cwd; and set label_color $fish_color_cwd
set -l dir_color_reset (set_color normal)
set -l dir_color
if test "$dir" = "$PWD"
set dir_color (set_color $fish_color_history_current)
set -l home_dir (string match -r "$HOME(/.*|\$)" "$dir")
if set -q home_dir[2]
set dir "~$home_dir[2]"
printf '%s %s %2d) %s %s%s%s\n' (set_color $label_color) $letters[$i] \
$i (set_color normal) $dir_color $dir $dir_color_reset
# Ask the user which directory from their history they want to cd to.
set -l msg (_ 'Select directory by letter or number: ')
read -l -p "echo '$msg'" choice
if test "$choice" = ""
return 0
else if string match -q -r '^[a-z]$' $choice
# Convert the letter to an index number.
set choice (contains -i $choice $letters)
set -l msg (_ 'Error: expected a number between 1 and %d or letter in that range, got "%s"')
if string match -q -r '^\d+$' $choice
if test $choice -ge 1 -a $choice -le $dirc
cd $uniq_dirs[$choice]
printf "$msg\n" $dirc $choice
return 1
printf "$msg\n" $dirc $choice
return 1
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