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kramtark / url_to_drive.js
Created Jan 27, 2020 — forked from honktang/url_to_drive.js
Google Apps Script to upload a file from an URL directly to Google Drive.
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// Google Apps Script
// Allows uploading a URL directly to Google Drive.
// Live link:
// Source-code:
kramtark / chromesearchmultvar.js
Created Oct 29, 2019 — forked from cmccormack/chromesearchmultvar.js
Google Chrome Search Engine with multiple search strings
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* @desc this snippet will allow multiple arguments to a search query in Google Chrome
* examples include
* @author Chris McCormack
* @required Google Chrome. Replace all values in brackets ([]) with valid entries.
* To add to Chrome, go to Settings > Search [Manage search engines...] > Other search engines.
* At the bottom of this section, there are three required fields:
* [Add a new search engine] [Keyword] [URL with %s in place of query]
* - Add a new search engine: Descriptive name of your search
* - Keyword: used to trigger search.
View JavaScript Sieve Of Atkin.js
function sieveOfAtkin(limit){
var limitSqrt = Math.sqrt(limit);
var sieve = [];
var n;
//prime start from 2, and 3
sieve[2] = true;
sieve[3] = true;
for (var x = 1; x <= limitSqrt; x++) {
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