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Created November 13, 2016 20:04
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#creates a ball and plane for each joint under the hierarchy core, then creates an nCloth and collider out of the two objects and constrains them
import maya.cmds as cmd
import maya.mel
core = "AnimData_Hips"
jointsAll = cmd.listRelatives(core, allDescendents=True)
iteration = 1
for place in jointsAll:
sphere = "ball_"+place
xhips = cmd.getAttr(sphere+".translateX", asString=False)
yhips = cmd.getAttr(sphere+".translateY", asString=False)
zhips = cmd.getAttr(sphere+".translateZ", asString=False)
cmd.spaceLocator( n="loco"+str(iteration), p=(xhips, yhips, zhips))
cmd.parent('loco'+str(iteration), sphere)
maya.mel.eval("select -r "+sphere+";")
plane = "cloth_"+place
maya.mel.eval("select -r "+plane+";")
maya.mel.eval("createNCloth 1;")
plane = 'polySurface'+str(iteration) ".vtx[60]", add=True)".vtx[381]", add=True)
for i in range(360, 380):".vtx["+str(i)+"]", add=True), add=True), add=True)
maya.mel.eval("createNConstraint transform 0;")
cmd.parent('dynamicConstraint'+str(iteration), 'loco'+str(iteration))
maya.mel.eval('setAttr "nClothShape'+str(iteration)+'.stretchResistance" 2.455;')
maya.mel.eval('setAttr "nClothShape'+str(iteration)+'.compressionResistance" 0.03;')
maya.mel.eval('setAttr "nClothShape'+str(iteration)+'.bendResistance" 0.03;')
iteration +=1
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