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Response to JavaScript/Emscripten Skinning Benchmarks by Chad Austin
# A response to
# C++
$ g++ -Wall -O2 -o skinning_test_no_simd skinning_test_no_simd.cpp
$ ./skinning_test_no_simd
Skinned vertices per second: 19730000, blah=0.000000
# Unoptimized Emscripten
$ python tools/ skinning_test_no_simd.cpp -o skinning.bc
$ python skinning_test_no_simd.bc > skinning.js
$ ~/Dev/mozilla-central/js/src/js -m -n skinning.js
Skinned vertices per second: 116279, blah=0.000000
# Optimized Emscripten
$ python tools/ skinning_test_no_simd.cpp -o skinning.bc
$ python -s CORRECT_SIGNS=0 -s CORRECT_OVERFLOWS=0 -s CORRECT_ROUNDINGS=0 -s OPTIMIZE=1 -s RELOOP=1 -s QUANTUM_SIZE=1 -s USE_TYPED_ARRAYS=1 -s ASSERTIONS=0 -s INIT_STACK=0 --optimize skinning.bc > skinning.js
$ java -Xmx1024m -jar ~/Dev/closure-compiler-read-only/build/compiler.jar --compilation_level ADVANCED_OPTIMIZATIONS --js skinning.js --js_output_file skinning.opt.js --formatting PRETTY_PRINT
$ ~/Dev/mozilla-central/js/src/js -m -n skinning.opt.js
Skinned vertices per second: 2365269, blah=0.000000
# Ratios:
# C++ 1.00
# Optimized Emscripten 8.34
# Unoptimized Emscripten 169.68 (used in the link at the top of this doc)
# This is slower than other Emscripten benchmarks due to this test being
# heavy on memory operations, which tends to be an issue even with typed
# arrays. (A similar thing happens in the 'raytrace' benchmark in the
# Emscripten benchmark suite, which is the slowest benchmark there.)
# Note that there are plenty of obvious optimizations not done in the
# generated code. We are working on fixing that, but meanwhile some
# projects using Emscripten are hand-optimizing their inner loops,
# for example Broadway (of course hand-optimizing inner loops will
# probably help even with the best automatic optimizer).
# We realize that generating fully optimized code with Emscripten is
# not trivial (as can be seen by the options used above), and we will
# improve that. Meanwhile, see the makefiles in projects using
# Emscripten (ammo.js, j2k.js, Broadway, etc.) for concrete examples
# and also the docs in
# (slightly outdated, the makefiles are current).
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