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Code example on how to filter available payment categories displayed in WooCommerce checkout for Klarna Payments plugin (
* Use together with Klarna Payments for WooCommerce.
* Filter the available payment categories displayed in checkout.
* Klarna Payments is registered as one single payment method in WooCommerce but can be displayed as multiple payment methods in checkout.
* Add this code to your themes functions.php file or include it in a separate functionality plugin (
add_filter( 'wc_klarna_payments_available_payment_categories', 'krokedil_wc_klarna_payments_available_payment_categories' );
function krokedil_wc_klarna_payments_available_payment_categories( $available_payment_categories ) {
// Temporarily uncomment the row below and turn on WP_DEBUG_LOG ( if you want to see what's returned in the $available_payment_categories array.
// error_log('$available_payment_categories ' . var_export( $available_payment_categories, true ) );
foreach( $available_payment_categories as $key => $payment_category ) {
// In this example we hide pay_over_time (Slice it) if cart total is below 20.
// pay_now, pay_later, and pay_over_time are commonly occuring identifiers.
if( 'pay_over_time' == $payment_category->identifier && WC()->cart->total < 20 ) {
unset( $available_payment_categories[$key]);
return $available_payment_categories;
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