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Synology BTRFS repair
btrfs fi show -d
syno_poweroff_task -d
(or: umount /volume1)
(or2: umount /volume1 -f -k)
Check to see if all us unmounted:
df -h
mdadm --stop /dev/vg1000/lv
btrfsck /dev/vg1000/lv
btrfs check --repair /dev/vg1000/lv
btrfs rescue super-recover -v /dev/vg1000/lv
vgchange -ay
e2fsck -nvf -C 0 /dev/vg1000/lv
fsck.ext4 -pvf -C 0 /dev/vg1000/lv
(or: e2fsck -pvf -C 0 /dev/vg1000/lv -C O)
(do not do this: -C fd)
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