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DD-WRT on WRT54G + OpenVPN

for a Linksys WRT54G router (v2.0)

  1. download the openvpn firmware version from
  2. set you static ip to and connect directly to the router via ethernet cable, disconnect internet from the router.
  3. once connected, update the firmware with the one you just downloaded from the link above.
  4. once done, successfully, reboot.
  5. re-connect the internet cable.
  6. 99% of the time it will reboot, though there's a fine chance of bricking the router so if you can get one from a yardsale, cheaper that way.
  7. once booted, navigate browser to
  8. login, the username & password could be either root/root root/admin admin/admin admin/password root/password.
  9. once in goto administration/commands and run the command hma give you.
  10. once done reboot the router. 5mins, get a cuppa.
  11. now your back with you steaming cup of tea goto and login again.
  12. now we need to enable the openvpn panel, goto Services, VPN. scroll down and enable OPENVPN Daemon, set start type to 'system'. do NOT enable openvpn client otherwise the router will devour itself.
  13. now goto Status and you should now see 'OPENVPN' being shown. reboot the router again and you'll be able to view the progress of the openvpn connection via Status/OPENVPN. please note, you have to give it a bit to reboot then another while to startup the openvpn process, it's not instant.
  14. best of luck
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