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Building things!!

Kurian Benoy kurianbenoy

Building things!!
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Last active April 2, 2019 22:40
TOP 50 Linux Commands

I have been thinking about learning some of the popular linux commands.

If You want to learn all linux commands use

compgen -c

So My list goes on:

  1. grep Used to search for a given string in file, directory or system
  2. find Used to search for a particular file in the system
  3. sort
kurianbenoy /
Last active May 29, 2018 16:22
Django Installation


We higly recommend You to install a Linux Distro, preferably it can any Debian based distros like:

  1. Ubuntu
  2. Debian
  3. Linux Mint
  4. Kali Linux

We highly recommend you not to bring Windows Laptops as Django is a free open software and its always nice to work best on Free Open Souce Software instead for Properietary software as it guarantees freedom and is also Free

kurianbenoy /
Created April 6, 2018 14:03
Django Forms
from django.forms import ModelForm, Textarea
from .models import Classifer
class ClassifierForm(ModelForm):
class Meta:
model = Classifer
fields = ['inputtext',]
import pandas as pd
import numpy as np
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
from sklearn import datasets
from sklearn.cross_validation import train_test_split
from sklearn.neighbors import KNeighborsClassifier
names = ['sepal_length', 'sepal_width', 'petal_length', 'petal_width', 'class']
iris = datasets.load_iris()
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kurianbenoy /
Last active June 1, 2018 02:19
Difference between Django 2.0 and django 1.11
## Django 2.0
from django.urls import path
from . import views
urlpatterns = [
path('articles/2003/', views.special_case_2003),
path('articles/<int:year>/', views.year_archive),
path('articles/<int:year>/<int:month>/', views.month_archive),
kurianbenoy /
Last active July 1, 2018 03:03
A restrictive shell
unset PASSWD
unset test
unset verbose
using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;
public class CameraScript : MonoBehaviour
static WebCamTexture backCam;
void Start()
# Send an HTML email with an embedded image and a plain text message for
# email clients that don't want to display the HTML.
from email.mime.multipart import MIMEMultipart
from email.mime.text import MIMEText
from email.mime.image import MIMEImage
# Define these once; use them twice!
email_user = 'MAILID'
email_password = 'PWD'
import json
from pprint import pprint
with open('malayalmbible.json') as f:
data = json.load(f)
for item in data["Book"]: