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{% if productHistory %}
<div class="ec-role">
<div class="ec-newItemRole">
<div class="ec-newItemRole__list">
<div class="ec-newItemRole__listItem">
<div class="ec-newItemRole__listItemHeading ec-secHeading--tandem">
<span class="ec-secHeading__en">HISTORY</span>
<span class="ec-secHeading__line"></span>
<span class="ec-secHeading__ja">商品閲覧履歴</span>
{% for product in productHistory %}
<div class="ec-newItemRole__listItem">
<a href="{{ url('product_detail', {'id':}) }}">
<img src="{{ asset(product.main_list_image|no_image_product, 'save_image') }}">
<p class="ec-newItemRole__listItemTitle">{{ }}</p>
{% endfor %}
{% endif %}
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