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Our PCI universe is right in-between CPU, memory, devices, etc.
And being specialised coming to write drivers for us, or to work on the PCI core is hard.
We just need to identify what to write about - some ideas:
- Basics, so things about PCI sub-system, how it works, how do we interact with others
- Common errors in design and things to avoid e.g., driver authoring pitfalls (with emphasis on PCI sub-system), sysfs in PCI, and so on
- Examples of good drivers and/or usage
- How we use things such as IOMMU, VFIO, PM in PCI, Hotplug, MSI/MSI-X, DMA, etc.
- Upcoming features: PCI-Express SIG (here not a lot of people has access to) and what's new there, upcoming new features, etc.
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