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Simple Github API client using Groovy RESTClient
* Simple Github API client that supports basic auth.
class GithubClient {
String username
String password
String owner
String repository
String fetchFileContents(String filePath) {
public Map request(String url) {
githubApi.get(path : url).responseData
private String getRepoUrl() {
private RESTClient getGithubApi() {
return new RESTClient("").with {
headers.'User-Agent' = 'Mozilla/5.0'
if (username && password) {
headers['Authorization'] = 'Basic '+"${username}:${password}".getBytes('iso-8859-1').encodeBase64()
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You might also consider using the new Personal API Tokens so you don't have to embed your username and password:

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Here's the script that I use to generate weekly summary emails of Github issues:

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