Started observing at 3:08

- Posted objective was "this- WTF"
+ Good body language
+ Strong live coding
- "Who can tell me what will happen when I..." then kept talking, answered your own question, sucked out energy, non-interactive
- Getting out of scope- "Oh, there's this function called bind..."
+ Volume is improving
- "Does all this stuff make sense?"

Steps to Writing an Assessment

  1. Discern what the standard is asking for, and not asking for
    • Assessments are aligned to standards, which have specific verbs
  2. Research any existing materials for the assessment you might be able to use or repurpose
  3. Come up with a concept for the assessment
    • Don't worry about how it will be administered
    • Try to keep the assessments as small and focused as possible
    • Themes ("Galvanize Sports", "Galvanize Brews") are good
    • Make sure that you can do multiple versions of the assessment

Started observing at 11:15

- No posted objectives
+ Good strong voice
- Kind of an expensive way to teach one student
- No CFUs
+ Great live-coding
+ Demonstrating the thought process really well
+ Referring to the docs

Started observing at 11:39

Helping Jonathan Herring

+ Docs are open
+ "How do we know"
+ Super high think ratio
+ "Looks like we've identified where it's not working"
- "I think I did" <- Make him show you, "I think" isn't testable

Started observing at 11:04

Mock interview

+ Identified an issue with his STAR
- Didn't give a chance to practice it correctly before telling him to work on it
+ Sending him your notes
+ Giving a prompt to set him up for success
- Keep track of time during whiteboarding interview

Started at 10:48

Mock interview

+ "How do you think you did" - Increases reflection
+ Started with precise praise
+ Great advice - condense the music experience from 3 minutes
+ "The main 3 things we look for" - AWESOME
- Make those things available to them ahead of time?


Started 10:10am

Intro to unfamiliar environments

- No posted objectives
+ Slide deck is awesome
+ Have great student attention
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The 5 developers I never want to work with again


anti-patterns, people, assholes, dopes


Development is a minefield of big shots, jerks, and jamokes. How do you steer clear of the saps-- and make sure that you're not being one yourself? By learning the signs. From the Weekend Commando to the Pharisee, we'll learn how to spot 5 different development jabronis in the wild. Most importantly, you'll learn some tricks for being less of a mark-ass buster and more of an ace.

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