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kyledrake / ferengi-plan.txt
Last active Jun 6, 2022
How to throttle the FCC to dial up modem speeds on your website using Nginx
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# The blog post that started it all:
# Current known FCC address ranges:
# Confirm/locate FCC IP ranges with this:
# In your nginx.conf:
location / {
kyledrake / gist:d7457a46a03d7408da31
Last active Feb 20, 2022
Creating a self-signed SSL certificate, and then verifying it on another Linux machine
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# Procedure is for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.
# Using these guides:
openssl genrsa -aes256 -out ca.key 2048
openssl req -new -x509 -days 7300 -key ca.key -sha256 -extensions v3_ca -out ca.crt
kyledrake / boring.rb
Created Apr 5, 2015
Neocities boring web site detector
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require 'rmagick'
require 'pry'
$filtered_sites = []
def web_site_too_blank?(path)
img =
pix = img.scale(1, 1)
average_color = pix.pixel_color(0,0)
kyledrake /
Last active Aug 18, 2019
IPFS replication service with one line of unix shell code!
# First, install ncat:
# Usually comes with the 'nmap' package on distributions.
ncat -k -v -l -p 5555 -c 'ipfs refs local | gzip'
# To retrieve on the client machine:
# nc 5555 | gunzip | ipfs pin add -r
kyledrake / geocities-link-extensions.txt
Created Jul 12, 2019
List of file extensions ever used in the Geocities Archive for src= or href= links.
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kyledrake / geocities-archive-virus-scan.txt
Last active Apr 24, 2019
List of "viruses" detected from a clamav scan of the Geocities archive.
View geocities-archive-virus-scan.txt Win.Joke.Jep-1 FOUND Win.Joke.ProjectCool-1 FOUND Legacy.Trojan.Agent-372 FOUND Win.Trojan.Agent-229806 FOUND Win.Trojan.3586487-1 FOUND Win.Trojan.Joke-1 FOUND Doc.Trojan.Marker-1 FOUND Doc.Trojan.Mamm-1 FOUND Win.Joke.Pelotas-1 FOUND Win.Trojan.Fedup-1 FOUND
kyledrake / token.rb
Created Apr 11, 2019
Script for solving question/answer from Myspace circa 2009
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require 'net/http'
module Myspace
class Token
def self.get_for_song(o = {})
return nil unless o[:artist_id] && o[:album_id] && o[:song_id]
headers = HttpHeader.random_agent ''
headers['x-myspace-id'] = "ownerId=#{o[:artist_id]};contentId=#{o[:song_id]},#{o[:album_id]}"
kyledrake / song-genres.txt
Created Apr 10, 2019
Myspace Dragon Hoard: Count of songs with tagged genre
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2-step (1904)
A'cappella (2561)
Acousmatic (923)
Acoustic (32511)
Afro-beat (3334)
Alternative (47577)
Ambient (13456)
Americana (5809)
Big Beat (1659)
Black Metal (6109)
kyledrake /
Created Apr 6, 2019
Myspace dragon hoard faster direct dl (until torrent is fixed)
wget --tries=0 --continue &
wget --tries=0 --continue &
wget --tries=0 --continue &
wget --tries=0 --continue &
wget --tries=0 --continue &
wget --tries=0 --continue &
wget --tries=0 --continue &
wget --tries=0 --continue &
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log syslog all;
router id **MY_IP**;
protocol bgp vultr {
local as 395409;
source address **MY_IP**;
import none;
export all;
graceful restart on;