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@kylefox kylefox/gist:248247
Created Dec 3, 2009

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It sounds like you have may have multiple Unfuddle accounts. Is this true? If so, you should
note that due to the way SSH and Git work, it is not possible to use a single public key for
multiple accounts. You may have been able to do this previously if your accounts were on
separate servers. However, we recently updated our servers which necessitated moving accounts.
In any case, you should be able to create a new SSH key easily. Be sure to give your new key
a unique name then add the following lines to your ~/.ssh/config file:
User git
IdentityFile /path/to/new/private/key
Be sure to include the correct path to the new private key and to add your new public key
to your user in your Unfuddle account. Within a minute or two of doing this, you should be
able to access your repository again.
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