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Small Ruby script that demonstrates how to use Mechanize to scrape some product details from an array of product URLs from
require 'mechanize'
require 'csv'
puts "Product Scraper!!!"
puts ' '
urls = [
file = "product_data.csv"
header = "title,sku,image,alt_images", "w") do |csv|
csv << header
csv << "\n"
(0..urls.length - 1).each do |index|
puts urls[index]
agent =
page = agent.get(urls[index])
title = page.title
title = title[0..title.index(' - ')].rstrip
sku ="#sku").inner_text
sku = sku[4..sku.length-1]
prod_image ="#detailImage img").first
alt_images ="#productImages ul li a img")
brand_text ="#brandText").inner_text
alt_images = { |x| x[:src] }.join("|")
csv << [title, sku, prod_image[:src], "#{alt_images}"]
csv << "\n"
2.times { |x| puts "" }
puts "Done!"
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