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@kyletolle kyletolle/changeset.json
Last active Aug 29, 2015

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"changeset": {
"metadata": {
"application": "Fulcrum iOS",
"application_build": "1823",
"application_version": "2.3.3",
"device_identifier": "4EDA094F-DCC2-40C5-B71A-9FF22B831409",
"device_manufacturer": "Apple",
"device_model": "iPhone6,1",
"platform": "iOS",
"platform_version": "7.1.1"
"form_id": "4a6f0b6c-c1d3-4805-9aab-7cdd39d58e5f",
"closed_at": "2014-08-12T13:20:55Z",
"closed_by": "Zac McCormick",
"closed_by_id": "4f7e6dd114414027bd000032",
"created_at": "2014-08-12T13:20:48Z",
"created_by": "Zac McCormick",
"created_by_id": "4f7e6dd114414027bd000032",
"gravatar_email": "",
"id": "ef796388-9cfc-4482-a6d3-cbcba79bdaf8",
"max_lat": 27.791881802515,
"max_lon": -82.6602768854,
"min_lat": 27.791881802515,
"min_lon": -82.6602768854,
"number_of_changes": 1,
"updated_at": "2014-08-12T13:20:55Z",
"updated_by": "Zac McCormick",
"updated_by_id": "4f7e6dd114414027bd000032"
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