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choice_list.create sample event payload for Fulcrum Webhooks
id: "138b54d0-4681-41b9-8efa-5b7cabd0eaa2",
type: "choice_list.create",
owner_id: "00053caf-4b6e-4c86-88b6-64695895dffe",
data: {
name: "Tree Size",
description: "Categories for Trees Based on SIze.",
id: "c50d3a63-f444-4677-8bbd-4685f7800e49",
created_at: "2013-09-21T19:30:32Z",
updated_at: "2013-09-21T19:30:32Z",
choices: [
label: "Under 4 ft",
value: "small"
label: "Between 4 and 10 ft",
value: "medium"
label: "Between 10 and 50 ft",
value: "large"
label: "Over 50 ft",
value: "x-large"
{"id":"138b54d0-4681-41b9-8efa-5b7cabd0eaa2","type":"choice_list.create","owner_id":"00053caf-4b6e-4c86-88b6-64695895dffe","data":{"name":"Tree Size","description":"Categories for Trees Based on SIze.","id":"c50d3a63-f444-4677-8bbd-4685f7800e49","created_at":"2013-09-21T19:30:32Z","updated_at":"2013-09-21T19:30:32Z","choices":[{"label":"Under 4 ft","value":"small"},{"label":"Between 4 and 10 ft","value":"medium"},{"label":"Between 10 and 50 ft","value":"large"},{"label":"Over 50 ft","value":"x-large"}]}}
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