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@kyokomi kyokomi/nginx.ltsv

Last active Sep 17, 2016
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color_scheme 2
time-format %T
date-format %d/%b/%Y
log-format host:%h\tuser:%^\ttime:%d:%t %^\treq:%r\tstatus:%s\tsize:%b\treferer:%R\tua:%u\tforwardedfor:%^\treqtime:%T\tapptime:%^
color_scheme 2
+ time-format %T
- date_format %d/%b/%Y:%T %z
+ date-format %d/%b/%Y
- log_format host:%h\tuser:%^\ttime:%d\treq:%r\tstatus:%s\tsize:%b\treferer:%R\tua:%u\tforwardedfor:%^\treqtime:%T\tapptime:%^
+ log-format host:%h\tuser:%^\ttime:%d:%t %^\treq:%r\tstatus:%s\tsize:%b\treferer:%R\tua:%u\tforwardedfor:%^\treqtime:%T\tapptime:%^
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